Sunday, January 21, 2018

Squirrel Realization

Beautiful Sri Nut Ji

So, it's come to my attention that there is a great deal of confusion over the term "Enlightenment".   For thousands of years, the term 'enlightenment' has been equated to 'Self-realization'.    And Self-realization has meant the discovery that YOU are not the small self, but rather the Self with a capital S, which is to say...   the Totality.   

I beg to differ in the use of terms.   We can and should be more precise in our selection of words!!   I have come to discover that this "Self" the sages and masters talk about is none other that the Great Squirreluminosity!   i.e....   The Squirreluminosity, aka Juicy Squirrel Happiness, aka The One Squirrel Heart....  all point to the same "Self"!!! 

Sweet Miss Nutleigh Ji
   Therefore, What humans are really seeking is none other than Squirrel-Realization!   (Squirrel with a capital S)   I can attest to the Truth of this, but to give you your own experience, I would recommend that you listen to the song that our Miss Nutleigh gave the world.  This song was performed at Byron Katie's New Year's event just a few weeks ago.  

And so, on this day, January 21st, the officially recognized Day of Appreciation of Squirrels,
we express our profound gratitude for all the transformation that the little squirrels have facilitated on our planet!
Long may their tails wave!

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