Monday, December 22, 2014

Everything is Squirrelove

Muffin in the Morning.

Today Muffin told me that nothing is more important than playing with your squirrel first thing in the morning.
He explained that this 'human-squirrel bonding' is paramount in seeding the planet with lovingkindness to insure a beneficial future for squirrelkind!

Every act of kindness and love toward the little squirrels seeds the morphogenic field of humanity and quietly and invisibly increases compassionate awareness!  Sadly, there are still pockets of extreme darkness on earth where little squirrels are being hunted, shot, and abused due to some human's ignorance.  Therefore let all the squirrel lovers on this earth UNITE to pour forth the incredible and potent Squirrelove that is sure to effect positive global change!

Here is a video of the proper treatment of a loving squirrel in the morning....

I am currently reading a fabulous nondual book by David Carse called "Perfect Brilliant Stillness".  I want to share a quote from this book which proves the truth... that squirrels are in fact none other than PURE LOVE:

"And yet.  Yet if only once, only for a moment, there could be letting go, if there could be that pop of the shift in focus and the individual self seen beyond, seen for what it is, "an echo, a rainbow, a phantom, and a dream," then there is something.  Then the individual self is gone, and needs no comforting.  The individual self was simply a thought, an idea; a 'false 
imagination' that cried out for comforting.  When the true nature of things is seen, apperceived, then there comes something far beyond comfort, though there is nothing any longer that needs it.

It is seen that what one is is All That Is, and That is the constant outpouring of Love beyond love, Beauty beyond beauty, compassion bliss gratitude glory wonder perfection; streaming, outpouring, beyond comprehension.

All that is, is described as Sat Chit Ananda. Not a being, but Being itself; existence  itself, not a thing existing. this is pure Awareness, pure Consciousness.  Be-ing which is Conscious-ness is absolute, perfect, knows no bounds, and spills out in itself, unconfined; is always everything everywhere.  

This spilling out, this outpouring of Be-ing, Consciousness as itself is all of this. All of this universe, planet, worlds of senses and ideas, worlds of things and non-things, these bodies, these minds, these trees roads houses squirrels insects telephones."

Muffinheart, my teacher. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Sri Sri Bankei Muffinheart

Bankei Muffinheart

Well, last you heard, Muffin had decided to live outside.  That lasted three days.  I was on a silent retreat in Portugal and my partner David was sitting for the squirrels at home.  Muffin was out and about in the neighborhood.  

On the third evening of my absence, David saw Muffin wandering in the street looking somewhat beleaguered. Upon trying to approach Muffin, he ran across the street over to the catladys' house.  Oh no.  A few hours later at suppertime, David went out the front door to change the water and who should be waiting for him but Muffin!  He looked tired and dehydrated.  Upon seeing David, Muffin jumped on him and obviously wanted to go back inside the house.  Muffin crawled into his own nest in his cage and took a long rest. That was the end of Muffin's outside adventures.  He is now a bonified inside resident.

Now if you know anything at all about Mr.Nut, you know he is considered the "Buddha of Gathright Cove".  When Muffin returned home, Mr.Nut took notice of this event and went into contemplation.  Just recently Mr.Nut let it be known that Muffin has also had a very important past life as a spiritual dignitary. Delving into the squirrelashic records, it was discovered the Muffin is no other than the famous Zen master Bankei.  
Teachings of Bankei

Anyways, after Mr.Nut goes outside first thing in the morning, Rosie is fed, and the outdoor squirrels and birds are provided for, Muffin and I read some of his original teachings as translated by Peter Haskel.  Here is a small taste of the squirreluminous nature of Bankei:

Where do you go?

A layman asked: "If you become a buddha,
                                         where do you go?"
The Master replied: "If you become a buddha, there's no place at all to go.  You fill the vast universe to its very limits.  It's when you become any other sort of being that there are different places to go."      
                                                                          (zenshu, p. 134)


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Adventures of Sir Muffington

Muffin enjoying his tree meditation.

A squirrel whisperer never knows how long a little squirrel will remain in her care.  Baby squirrels sometimes go through a lot of physical challenges even before they are brought to us.

My pal Muffin was one of three boy squirrels found under the hood of a student's car, parked at the St.Ed's campus here in Austin.  Luckily mama squirrel chewed the wires so the young lady couldn't drive her car away.  The car repairman found the nest just behind the left headlight.  Mama squirrels will do absolutely anything to keep their babies safe from predators and bad weather!!!

Nugget, Muffin and Buddins.

These happy little buddies grew fast and strong and all went well.  Then at about 5 months old, I had to switch up their diet.  Apparently the fresh corn started giving them problems.  Muffin was the most affected. He became paralyzed and cried out in pain.  The other two had a few muscle spasms, but not as serious as what was happening to Muffin.  I started insisting on them eating their greens first thing in the morning and Calcium supplementation daily.  Along with copious doses of Reiki healing energy, Muffin recovered in about a week's time, although he didn't wave his tail for another week after that!

Muffin on the mend.

So the boys grew up and it got time for their release...  By this time, Muffin didn't want anything to do with Nugget and Buddins.  I had separated him during this healing time and although he got well, he seemed to prefer his own company thereafter!
So Nugget and Buddins went outside in their release cage... that's when the raccoons started showing up!  I guess the smell of food in their cage lured them and one night there was a ruckus... a raccoon was seen and the two boys were gone! OMG.....
In another day or so, Buddins was back at the front door looking for food... and Nugget must have run further away.  Whether he is still around, I am not 100% sure, although I think I see him every now and then.

Buddins and Nugget sharing a moment during their release.
Then it was Muffin's turn to be released.  I started putting his cage outside and then noticed that his teeth were crooked.  Oh no... hopefully not a malocclusion!  I took him to the vet to have his teeth trimmed evenly so he could eat.  The vet said it wasn't a problem with his teeth, but his jaw was a little askew.  That's when I discovered that he was sleeping with his jaw against the cage.  Oh no Muffin... bad idea.  I put soft blankies along the inside of the cage in his bed and after that his jaw straightened out, his teeth grew in straight and he was able to do the trimming himself.  Whew! But waiting 6 weeks to see if he would need another trim put his release off again.  And then it was winter!  
In the meantime, Muffin was getting to be a real silly squirrel.  He liked to jump on me first thing in the morning and give me a little kiss on my cheek.  Then after some mandatory nut-burying, we would play "jump on the roly-poly purple monkey or pink bunny rabbit".  Muffin loved that game and loved to jump on me and run around the edge of the massage table which held his cage. 

And it seemed that as he got sillier, he got increasingly cuter! OMG!  I have never understood how a squirrel can wake up every morning cuter than he was the night before! Amazing! He was so cute that he made it to the 2014 Squirrels Of Wisdom Calendar!

Muffin's cuteness and fame grows!

As Muffin grew older, he also started wanting to run around more and sit in high places.  Often he would enjoy his perch on the draperies at the top of a window!   
Hanging out in high places.

 The main problem with squirrels is that the longer they live with you, the more you fall in love with them.  At this point I was head over heels in love with the Muffin man and I dreaded the day I would be putting him in the outdoor cage to get used to the neighborhood sounds and weather.  Nevertheless, Spring did arrive and it was Muffin's turn!
At first he would hide a lot under his blankies in the Zico box or high tail it into his nest box every time a person came to the front door or a dog barked.  It seemed he was spending more time hiding than running around in his new large enclosure.
Then after a few weeks, he started coming out of hiding and chasing after the visiting squirrels that jumped on the outside of his cage.  He was acclimating nicely.

Then he started wanting out of the big cage and that's the sign to open the door.
With an anxious heart, I opened the door for the Muffin man.  He was very curious and explored Rosie's cage and the feeder by the front door and then retreated to safety.  That happened two more times with him getting a little further afoot... even checking out the roof.

Checking out the roof and how to get back home.

Then one day he got all the way across the roof and jumped into the Chinaberry tree.  He looked like he was enjoying sitting in the tree just hanging out. What a sweet perch.  That same night I got a  friend to help me put his personal nest box right there next to his branch.  I thought that might give him a safe haven.  Well, that turned out to be wrong.
The next time he went out, he ran right over to that tree only to be accosted by another male. Oh no.  My poor Muffin!  I saw it happening and could do nothing about it.  It looked like a squirrel whirlwind in mid-air. By the time I got close enough, the fight was over and the bully took off. Muffin was there quivering and softly barking on a low branch that I was just inches away from.  I kept reaching to him, calling, "Cmon Muffin, jump on me... C'mon home now."
Then I thought he was going to climb on me, but instead he took a hard bite out of my finger! Poor Muffin was so worked up... at that moment I realized he was no baby anymore. He just had his initiation into the world of the wild squirrel. Bless his heart.
That night he stayed out and I prayed and prayed,
Oh God please guide him home if he needs help.
The next day Muffin came back and climbed into the big outdoor cage. He was still very worked up, but at least he was home. I closed him in and let him calm down and rest in safety.
Time to Rest!

Muffin had a gash on the back of his right shoulder and was favoring that arm. After he calmed down, I treated it with colloidal silver and gave him some fresh watermelon and grapes. He drank water with colloidal silver in it and then took a long nap. He slept off and on for the rest of the day and later I took him in the house and back to his cozy bed. He needed some TLC and R&R before facing the outdoors again!

Deep Rest and Healing for Muffin

So the next day, Muffin was a brand new squirrel! Amazing what a mama's love will do... not to mention the many friends sending their prayers and healing energy!
We are so grateful for that!

Muffin was as eager and excited to go back out into the world, but this time exploring in a new direction!  
Good on you Muffin! 

Wishing Muffin a wonderful and happy outdoor life!
A squirrel mama's love is FOREVER!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Time for a Rest!

Rosie Posie demonstrating REST.

Rosie Posie is teaching me all about rest.  When she stays out all night, she has to sleep with 'one eye open'.
After she's out one or two nights, she comes back for food, water, and to get a good sleep... without having to worry about predators!  Today she came home, had a hefty breakfast and lunch, ran around the house burying nuts, and then snuck into Mr.Nut's cozy cubby and conked out! Time for some serious snoozing!

Sleepy Rosie

What she made me realize is that unless a little squirrel has a well-built nest or safe nest box to sleep in, they have to be on guard at all times!  They have so many predators.... feral cats, raccoons, hawks and owls to name a few!  And this kind of vigilance can be exhausting!
This reminds me of what we humans go through in life... always being vigilant to run our lives:  maintaining a home, earning a living, making sure the bills are paid and the body is fed and kept healthy.  And taking care of our kids... human and animal!  We are also 'on the go' just like squirrels.  And we get exhausted too.

So that brings to mind the issue of TRUST.
Rosie can rest when she has TRUST that she is taken care of.  In the same way, we can only really experience true rest when we TRUST that we are taken care of.
Listen to Mooji as he talks about this very topic.  

A sweet reminder for me to TRUST that we are all
being taken care of. In the words of Rumi...

"Who looks out with my eyes? What is the soul? 
I cannot stop asking.
If I could taste one sip of an answer,
I could break out of this prison for drunks.
I didn’t come here of my own accord, and I can’t leave that way.
Whoever brought me here, will have to take me home." 
Rosie and  her guardian, Angel Scruffy

Friday, April 18, 2014

Smile and say "Pecans"!

Squirrel Shooting photo SquirrelShootingAnyone-TessTeeGal.gif
Squirrel Photographer

I love this little buddy.  

Friday, April 11, 2014

Squirrel Faces of Freedom

Miss Scruffers aka Scruffy aka 'the Scrufster'

Meet little Scruffy... she's now a guardian angel.
And she keeps a loving eye on Rosie Posie who was just released to the great outdoors!

Rosie enjoying her freedom.

Ok.... let me tell it from the beginning.  Monday night we had a violent storm.. sudden wind gusts of 45 mph, pellet sized hail and flying tree limbs and leaves everywhere. My thought was... "I sure hope the outdoor squirrels are OK.

The next day I saw all of the outdoor gang and breathed a sigh of relief.  It wasn't until Wednesday afternoon, (I was almost out the door for a dentist appointment), when the phone rang. I didn't pick up, thinking it could take too much time, but I listened to the message:

St.Ed's police department was calling me to come pick up a little squirrel that a student rescued from a feral cat.
My thought was... "but what about the dental appointment."
Just then the phone rang again and I picked up... the dental office asked if they could re-schedule due to an emergency.   
(Now that was definitely the hand of the Great Squirrel! WOW) I hung up the phone and 'high-tailed' it over to St.Ed's.

So upon picking up this poor little squirrel, I ask a lot of questions... where was she found... did you see a mama squirrel or other little ones? Is there a tree nearby with a nest?  The student that found her answered "No" to all the questions.  I sat outside and the police officer and I rode around to see if we could spot a mama looking for her lost darling.  No luck.

Then the dorm director said that there were a lot of tree limbs down from the storm the other night... right on the other side of the building where Scruffy was found.
Storm! OMG... that's it.
 The little squirrel was hurt in the storm, separated from its mom and was wandering on the ground.  A feral cat (of which there are many on campus) saw her and went after her.  Luckily, a student witnessed this and chased the cat away.  Then she put the little squirrel in a box and brought it to the police station on campus.

Scruffy trying to eat a pecan.

So I brought her home.  After warming her and giving some Reiki, I gave her some liquid nutrition, complete with acidophilus and vitamin E added. She slurped it down... probably hadn't eaten since before the storm (2 days ago).  I made a comfy bed for her and let her sleep.  She had 2 more feedings that same day and was peeing and pooping.  Her right eye was red and irritated, and she couldn't really use her right paw and leg. That's common with head injuries. I gave Reiki a few more times and we snuggled. I gave her little kisses and told her she would be fine. I tried not to get too attached... but it was too late...    I was smitten with squirrelove.

Meanwhile Rosie is being released... her cage has been outside with the doors closed (the first week) so she could get used to the weather, bird chirps, city noises, and lawnmowers, etc.  And this 2nd week we began to open the doors on her cage!  
How exciting is that!

On Thursday, Scruffy's 2nd day of recovery, she got hungrier and even ate a couple pecans. I got very hopeful because of her appetite and elimination system was working well.
Then late last night, she became uncomfortable... moving around trying to feel better.  I held her, tried to soothe her, but her internal injuries were having the upper hand.
I prayed for relief... and relief came.

This morning I woke up and went to the kitchen... I could swear I heard her rummaging around in her nest, nails scraping on the sides of the box.  I got her breakfast ready and uncovered her box... and there she lay.... totally at peace.

Relief had come. RIP little angel.

It's funny how we hear what we want to hear and
see what we want to see. I 'saw' her getting well and 

I 'heard' her this morning... funny how the mind works.
I hadn't known her for long and she was 
gone!  Her furry body was still warm 
and her face so serene.

Of course there would be a lovely burial
with flowers and incense and a large pecan
for her journey...

 I wrapped her gently in white tissues and placed
 her in the earth.  Then we sprinkled rose petals
on her, burned incense and sang Indian chants.
Then suddenly I couldn't sing anymore...
 it was as if I was silenced and told to wait.
 "Just be quiet and go inside" said my heart.

And then the message came:
"Rosie can now be fully released.  Scruffy will be
 her guardian angel, watching over her and
making sure she is safe during storms.
And Scruffy will warn her of any feral cats nearby!

And then I smiled... and I knew...
 "Squirrelove" is unconditional.


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Squirrels Teach Non-Attachment

     Looks like Mr.Nut found my green marker.

I've been cleaning my treatment room where I do Reiki sessions and I found so many pecans hidden there;  behind books, in the corners, under the table, and even inside the crystal geodes.
There are also chew marks on furniture, drapery hooks on the floor, and little squirrel poopies in the carpet.
Most people would be disgusted and upset if they found their room like this.  But I have found that if you have a squirrel in 
your life, you are destined to learn non-attachment.

Muffin is stashing nuts again.

Squirrels know that everything is passing… they don't worry about the weather OR how much food they have stores OR whether the neighbor's cat is going to lunge at them.  They just keep moving in peace and equanimity. They truly are enlightened beings.  They are not doing anything to "get to you"!  They are simply being their natural selves!

I used to be so picky about my material possessions… now after 11 years of living with squirrels…  all that has changed. I found out that all the "stuff" just doesn't matter because it's just "stuff".  The squirrels have taught me that only LOVE is real.

A trail buddy demonstrating how to let go.

I am so grateful for these little buddhas who have chosen me as their student.  I bow down to the ONE LOVE that lives in every one of us!  

Muffin occasionally astral travels to Japan.