Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Squirrels ARE in charge!

Queen Earl Grey, Guardian of the Sun, passes on Jan.1, 2013

Never underestimate for one minute that we are in good hands and everything is under control!
How can I say that?

Many of you read that my housemate, Earl Grey, was the Grey-Squirrel-in-Charge ever since September of 2005, when she inspired a fellow from New Orleans to escort her to Austin. She had lost her entire family in Hurrincane Katrina and sent out a telepathic call for assistance.  And she KNEW where she had to be... Austin!

Why Austin? It is a place of great evolution... on the cutting edge of equality for all... which matches the mission of the squirrels: to raise consciousness! Austin is directly west of the Great Pyramid of Giza and directly north of the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihaucan. That makes it a vortex of amazing energy and change... no wonder everyone is moving here!
According to the Mayan creation story, it was a grey squirrel that escorted the Sun on its very first journey across the sky and built and altar to it in the West. The jaguars and wolves were jealous of the squirrel's relationship with the Great Light and killed the squirrel! And to this day, the Huichol Indians honor the grey squirrel as their hero god!

Austin is primarily graced with lovely squirrels... of the fox squirrel variety and doesn't have any grey squirrels. Because of the Shift that is happening now, it is so important to have a grey squirrel to oversee the evolution of consciousness in this auspicious location! Queen Earl's mission was to wake up the populace for the end of the Great Mayan Cycle~ December 21st, 2012. Earl knew her contract was complete and flew back to the Sun on January 1st of the new year! So who would take her place? A grey squirrel of great consciousness was needed! And a true squirrel avatar to assist with the continued awakening in Austin?

To my utter astonishment and great joy, I found out via Facebook, that a brilliant grey squirrel had, in fact, taken up residence here, synchronistically and in the perfect timing of things that squirrels are famous for! Drumroll please........!!!! 
Lady Winkelhimer Smith, the famous squirrel artist!
Squirrel Artist Extraordinaire ~ Miss Winkelhimer Smith

Many of you know her as the "squirrel who paints"! But how did she get her squirrel momma, Shyla, to move her from Jennings, Louisianna to Austin, Texas?

There is no doubt in my mind that Queen Earl Grey and Lady Winkelhimer had many a long telepathic squirrel conversation arranging the whole move! After all, that is what grey squirrels do... they guard the consciousness!

Shyla told me that after a tornado hit her house in Jennings, she moved into a rent house. The landlord at the new place was not animal friendly! Finally Winkelhimer had had enough and secretly communicated to Shyla's sweetie in Austin to come get them! Winkel knew that Earl would be flying back to the Sun on January 1, and urged him to drive down to Jennings at the end of December. He willingly obliged and escorted them to Austin.  And so, Lady Smith took up residence on January 2nd! (In Mayan Astrology, that day was a Blue Spectral Storm, representing change and liberation!) 
That's incredible Squirrel Efficiency! Queen Earl Grey stepped down on January 1st and Lady Winkelminer took her position here the very next day! WOW! 

Never underestimate the power of SQUIRRELOVE....
and Squirrel Genius!
Watch a master at work: 

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and welcome her to Austin!