Monday, October 12, 2015

"Because I'm A Squirrel."

Baby Nutkin
One day I had a very illuminating conversation with my baby squirrel Nutkin. We were playing together after his meal. Suddenly and spontaneously, a series of questions came out of my mouth and to my utter astonishment, Nutkin answered every single one of them!

First I asked him, "Nutkin, why do I love you so much?"
Nutkin answered, "Because I'm a squirrel."

Then I asked him, "Nutkin how come you get cuter every day?"
He answered, "Because I'm a squirrel."

Then I asked, "Nutkin, why do you love me?"
And he said, "Because I'm a squirrel."

Finally I asked him, "Nutkin, how are you able to remain so peaceful?"
Nutkin answered again, "Because I'm a squirrel."

Nutkin and friend

So I began to contemplate the implications of what Nutkin was sharing with me.  What did "being a squirrel" really mean?  Could it be that the frequency of "squirreldom" is equivalent to that of unconditional love?
Could it be that all the little squirrels on the planet are here to plant the seeds of unconditional love and help facilitate the return of paradise on planet Earth?
Could it be because little squirrels radiate so much love that makes their appearance so be

In the blissful silence of hanging out with little Nutkin, it became blatantly clear to me that little squirrels are always so happy and peaceful because they don't bother with a language.  They don't speak with words and they don't think with words. More precisely, they communicate telepathically to us and we hear what they share by tuning in to our own hearts. Then we can translate their messages into word for others to understand. But the little squirrels simply live in the moment and act completely from the Presence of Pure Love. This Presence is commonly known as the "One Squirrel Heart".