Saturday, December 8, 2012

2013 Squirrel Calendar


What could be better than a squirrel photo masterpiece?
A. Twelve photo masterpieces, one for each month of the year!

Here's how to get your 2013 Squirrel Calendar!
Just send an email to Julie @ this address:
or you may call 512-448-2374

Personal checks and money orders are accepted and postage is included provided postage to your location is $5.00 or less.
If you live far away, like Japan or the UK, then please go to and on the homepage there is a PayPal donate button.  Click to donate $25. to cover the postage and email me the address where you want it sent.
(I am not using PayPal for domestic orders since I have to pay a percentage to PayPal and that would make the cost of the calendar go up by $2.~)

All proceeds go toward the feeding, housing, and loving care of our little orphaned or injured squirrels that live inside and the feeding of our local squirrels at Austin's hike and bike trail. 

Mr.Nut says,
"When you help a little squirrel,
you are helping the whole planet!"