Friday, December 30, 2011

Farewell Beloved Bucky

At 1:44pm on Christmas Eve, my beloved Bucky left his beautiful squirrel body and returned to the Sun to assist his squirrel brothers and sisters with the long awaited Awakening of 2012. Dedicated to the Plan of Peace and Love for All Beings, Bucky inspired songs, blog posts, videos and books. He was responsible for the first squirrel crossing sign in Austin, and hundreds of enlightened sayings on cards and refrigerator magnets. He even saved his brother Pete from crossing over too soon.
But most importantly, Bucky was my guru. He taught me how to love unconditionally. He loved me like a squirrel. He liked to sit on my left shoulder while
I sipped my morning coffee and shared his amazing squirrel thoughts with me. I would kiss him on his furry cheek and tell him how much I loved him and he would sniff my lips and hold onto my fingers with his little paws. He would gaze into my eyes and I would fall into an abyss of love. I do not have the words to describe the depth of my love for this sweet bodhisattva.
I have rescued and released many little squirrels, but none have been as loving, intelligent and aware as the Buckster. He came to me in August of 2009 having fallen out of a tree by Austin Parks and Rec. on Riverside and Lamar. One of the employees found him on the ground and called me. He was perhaps only 10 to 14 days old. I loved him, fed him, gave him Reiki and a million little kisses. He grew and grew and before I knew it, it was time for him to be released. On that fateful day, I put him in the huge release cage outside my front door, just like all the other squirrels that had been wintered over and ready to join the neighborhood. He seemed to enjoy being outside in his new home. I went inside and in about 15 minutes I heard him barking outside. I ran out in time to see a cat run down my driveway and lots of squirrels running hither and thither. Once the commotion was over, I still heard a squirrel barking! "Bucky, why are you barking? You are safe in the cage", I said. He kept it up, so I opened the door and there was little Bucky with his face full of blood! OMG! What had happened? Apparently, he got his teeth stuck on the cage wire and when a cat came by, the squirrels on the outside of the cage took off running and so did Bucky. But with his teeth stuck, he cut his face and injured his teeth! So off we went back in the house again for another few months of rehabilitation. Once his face healed, it became evident that he could not trim his own teeth anymore because the uppers and lowers were out of alignment. So we started having to make trips to the vet for regular trimming. Poor Bucky.... squirrels really do not enjoy riding in cars. And they most certainly do not appreciate the barking dogs at the vet clinic. But without trimming, squirrels' teeth continue to grow, eventually preventing them from eating!

Time went on and last Spring, his upper incisors broke off in between visits. The vet didn't seem to think there was anything wrong with that. But the weird thing was those teeth never grew back. In another month or so, Bucky started to have sniffling and congestion and I started to think something was wrong. I had some xrays taken and they showed a mass there behind the upper incisors but the vet was not knowledgeable enough about squirrels and suggested we simply treat the congestion. I learned that most vets really know very little about squirrels. Bucky would only accept the antibiotics one time and no matter how I tried to hide the taste in foods, he knew what was going on and put his paw down. No drugs for me!
I gave him tangerines for VitC, colloidal silver in his water, and lots of love and Reiki healing. He seemed to have normal days and then days where the congestion got really bad. Then he lost his lower incisors. He started to have blood mixed in with his runny nose and I was getting worried.... what in the world could be the problem?

The vet's office had no answers so I decided to do my own research. I looked up anything and everything to do with squirrel dentistry and found a site that talked about odontomas. OMG... it described all of Bucky's symptoms to a tee! I went to YouTube and found a video of a sweet squirrel named Squarlet that had surgery for this condition and found out that Frannie, the famous squirrel of also had this surgery! And both these squirrels are alive and well! So I contacted them to find out the names of their vets, one was in NC and the other in AL.... too far away! They kindly referred me to some vets at Texas A&M.

What I found out is that a severe trauma to a squirrels' teeth can result in the growth of a tumor that sits at the roots and moves into the sinus cavity. This invasive growth eventually suffocates the squirrel and the only way it can be treated is with surgery. The most important factor is early detection!!! Sadly, I learned that Bucky's odontoma had already aggressively blocked much of his airways and he was starting to really struggle for air. It was too large to operate on safely and the only kind solution was euthanasia. How does one know the right time to perform such an unpleasant remedy? How does one end the life of one's beloved?

Bucky had become even more affectionate in those last days. He would jump on my shoulder while I was on the internet and hold onto my hand. And often he would crawl into my lap and just want to be held. I will never forget these tender moments. How blessed I am to experience his sweet love! One night as he was trying to breathe and not having much luck on settling down to sleep, I said to him, "You know Bucky, you don't have to stay here for me. I don't want you to be hurting. When you are ready to go back to the Sun, please give me a sign." The following night he seemed especially uncomfortable and I was up with him til 3 am. When I finally got to bed, my nose suddenly became completely blocked and I had a hard time going to sleep. I knew Bucky was communicating to me that 'it was time'. The next morning I called an emergency vet clinic found out that I could bring him in anytime. I still couldn't believe this was happening! To nurture a baby squirrel practically from birth and then to have to put him to sleep is the hardest thing I have ever done!
That morning I sat on the couch with Bucky in my lap, gently stroking his tired little body. I thanked him for all he had done, all he had taught me and recounted all the good times we had. He assured me that he had an important mission as part of the Galactic Federation. He reminded me that it was the squirrels' job to insure the successful Awakening of humankind and that depended on his return to the Sun (Galactic Headquarters). He said that humans had failed to save Lemuria from destruction, failed again with Atlantis and this time the squirrels could not let destruction happen a third time! Tearfully, I knew he spoke the truth! At that point he looked up at me and with his obsidian eyes poured a tidal wave of love into my heart and out poured more tears of love. I knew it was time to go. I thanked him for his fearless spirit and for taking the vow of the bodhisattva!

My daughter was with me as I held Bucky during his liberation. The drug that was injected into his tiny catheter stopped his squirrelheart... and in a fraction of a second his spirit leapt to the Sun. AHHHHHH....he looked so peaceful... finally able to rest! I had midwifed his birth into the realm of formlessness, the field beyond right and wrong. I told him I would meet him there someday.

Bucky and I came home and I held him lovingly all afternoon and evening. I cried buckets of tears of love. I cannot label it grief or sadness, for those words are too small to portray the expansiveness of my emotion. There is only one word for it... LOVE! I sat there with him and let LOVE have its way with me. No holding back... just letting it flow through me like a gigantic wave. Hours flew by. I put on my favorite Indian chants and bajans and we danced and sang and I felt like I was floating in squirrelove... and I was and still am. At midnight I realized that my beloved still had not started to decay. I waited and just continued to love him and this time together. 2 am, 4 am, 5am... still no smell of decay! I realized that this is exactly what had happened to Yogananda upon his death! Then I recalled the photo of Yogananda with the "friendly squirrel" taken in 1924! OMG! That was Bucky!!!!!!!
This was Bucky's way of telling me he wanted to be cremated just like the sadhus of India at the edge of the Ganges! Thanks to the help of many loving friends, Bucky's requests have been honored. Thus, we come to the end of Bucky's "form" but not the end of his life! His life lives on in all of us who have been touched by his love. He has been (and still is) my guiding light.....

Monday, December 12, 2011

Thank heaven for little squirrels....

... for little squirrels get cuter everyday!
Thank heaven for little squirrels!
They grow up in the most delightful way!

Their little eyes so helpless and appealing!
They flash their furry tails with so much feeling!

Thank heaven for little squirrels !
Thank heaven for them all...
no matter what, no matter who;
Without them what would mama squirrels do?

Thank you Bucky for your guiding light!
August 2009 - December 2011

My wish for you is to experience
the guiding love of a little squirrel!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Squirreldom is the next dimension!

Are you ready for peace? Well, our galactic travelers are inundating the earth with the highest squirrel frequencies of goodwill for all beings! Have you noticed the expansion of consciousness? It's here! You can stop searching! Relax and let the awakening happen! Notice how the little squirrels are totally in the present? Just do what they do! There is only peace in the moment! If you are feeling the rush of the holiday crazies, just STOP. Now take a squirrel moment and rest. Put your point of view on the shelf for a moment. Are you OK? Well, guess what? You are always this!

It's not like they have a new message. It's more like we earthlings have not been listening... not until we suffered enough and finally realized that war is not the answer! Squirrels have been teaching peace since the very beginning! The Mayan creation story tells us that it was a squirrel that escorted the Sun across the sky on its first journey! The squirrel is a long time companion of the Sun... and a bringer of Light! Squirrels hold the secret knowledge and are willing to share it with you! This Christmas discover the squirrels'message for 2012! Check out their brand new eBook on Amazon Kindle! Available now!

This story is dedicated to
all the little squirrels
on this planet
and indeed in the entire cosmos!
May their mission of
Peace for Everyone
be realized by Dec. 21st, 2012

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Squirrels and Nonduality

Finally! The time is upon us when human beings all over the globe are simultaneously waking up to the profound truths that the squirrels have known for thousands of years!!! It truly is an exciting time to be on the planet!

I am only writing the words I am receiving via the direct transmission of knowledge from my dear friend and housemate, Sri Buckyji a.k.a. Bucky Squirrel.

Little by little the truth is being gradually accepted and realized: that the basic space of "Squirreluminosity" is totally pure and includes us all! And we are that! There is no separation! This loving essence of juicy squirrel happiness pervades the entire cosmos. It is, in fact, the very space in which all the phenomena in the entire universe appear and disappear! There is nothing that is not completely saturated with squirrelove!

But don't believe me! Prove it to yourself! The easiest way to really understand this transmission is to go to your neighborhood park and bring some pecans with you. Wait until you see a little squirrel and slowly and quietly walk up to this amazing boddhisatva. In your heart, feel the love and deep respect you have for this creature and for all life. Don't rush... allow yourself the time to experience this loving connection. You will become aware of a sweet warmth that begins to radiate from your heart. Then, with your awareness on your heart, call to the little squirrel lovingly. Tell him you love him and have a nut for him. Soon the little squirrel will come down from the tree and walk over to you. Hold the pecan close to the ground so that s/he can easily reach the nut. Don't be surprised if he puts his little paw momentarily on your hand.

Gaze into his obsidian eyes and receive the gift of squirrelwisdom he shares so generously! Feel the rush of gratitude that washes over you! That spaciousness and presence of love is what the little squirrels have been trying so hard to communicate for thousands of years! And now, right on cue, just about one year away from that magic date, Dec.21st,2012, the quickening is upon us! The squirrels' message is finally being heard! "You are this squirreluminosity! You are this love! You are what you have been searching for all along!"

Monday, November 21, 2011

Baby Squirrels Teach Love

Can you imagine a planet without war?
The little squirrels can!
And that's what baby squirrels
are here to teach! Squirrels
are one of the most ubiquitous
species of mammals on our planet,
living on every continent.
They are working day and night
to deliver this message:

We are all here to be of great benefit to each other and the world! Be kind to all beings! Love and nurture your fellow creatures!

It's time to learn from the enlightened ones
in our midst... the animals!

Just imagine if every person in the world had the experience of raising a baby squirrel! I don't think there is a faster or simpler way to open one's heart! In a short time there would be Peace On Earth! God bless all the little baby squirrels of the entire Cosmos!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Singing for Nuts

Most people are familiar with the group "Playing For Change" whose music of Oneness is sweeping the planet and inspiring hearts everywhere! Well the squirrels wanted me

to tell you that they now have a group that is winning hearts around the globe and it's called "Singing For Nuts"!

Here is the story of how "Singing For Nuts" came to be. One fine day my bodhisquirrel, Sri Buckyji, shared with me his newest song, "A Peaceful Planet". (verses as follows)

A Peaceful Planet

The squirrels... they meet in lively conversation;
They have a mission - to save this planet!

They chatter all about our situation -
Here on this planet; this suffering planet.

They fear the time is near for our extinction,
If they don't help us!

They worry that mankind will never listen
To their squirrel voices!

So... squirrels around the world are marching into
the battlefields - to meet the soldiers.

They're taking all their guns and ammunition
And give them sacks of pecans and walnuts.

They teach them how to nurture one another
and all the creatures;

The soldiers are beginning
To see the folly of hurting others!

And so, indeed the future will be different
Than was expected...

There won't be any reason to be violent
When every being is feeling happy!

And now the world will once again
Return to - a peaceful planet...

The squirrels will have accomplished
Their great mission - to heal the planet!

The squirrels are here to tell you
A world of joy... where all are happy...

~ squirrelady 2011

Bucky urged me to contact our friend, the squirrel mystic, Den Lilla Ekorren of Sweden and to please ask him if he would write some music for this song! And guess what? He did! So here below, you have the collaboration of two very fine squirrels - Buckyji and Den Lilla Ekorren... Enjoy and sing along!

Super Squirrel says,
"Join us in our mission!
Bury Nuts, Not Bodies!"

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Amazing Squirrel Orbs!

Little Lucky on her way to Earth!

Q: Where do baby squirrels come from?
A: They come down in balls of light
straight from the Sun!

Q: Why do they come this way?
A: They bring the high frequency light of squirrel bliss to help humankind experience their true state of Oneness.

Q: How do you know this?
A: You can see this in the orb photo taken in broad daylight right in front of this mama squirrel. The baby is hovering until mama is ready to give birth!

You can see Bucky Squirrel
in the photo below. This is before
he was born. He was still
formulating his mission for
his approaching lifetime!

See the squirrel cage
in front of
the Squirrelady's house!
All the baby squirrel orbs
are floating
outside the release cage!

Klatu Barada Nikto!
The squirrels have come to set us free!

Klatu Barada Nikto!
Straight from Galactic Embassy!

Klatu Barada Nikto!
The squirrels come down in balls of light!

Klatu Barada Nikto!
The squirrels protect us thru the night!

Little Nutjoy on her way to Planet Earth!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

What is the "Bucky body"?

No doubt you are familiar with Eckhart Tolle's term "pain body". Well, I don't mean to rain on ET's parade, but what about the"pleasure body"?
Did you know that in the pinnacle teachings of Buddhism, they talk about the "complete pleasure body"? My little squirrel Bucky told me that is exactly the same as the "Bucky body"!

How can it be that the 'Bucky' body is
identical to the pleasure body spoken of
in Buddhist texts? Simply because
juicy squirrel happiness proliferates
unconditionally and at random! Their
perpetual cuteness and limitless
jubilation continually and inexhaustibly
infuses the unified field with
beneficent action for all creatures!

This is the way the great realization of
Oneness is being gradually transmitted
to all beings! The little squirrels are
consistently sending out huge quantities
of squirrelbliss (as they have been doing
for thousands of years) in the hopes that
earthlings will eventually catch on.
Little by little the long awaited shift
is happening! The incredible perseverance
and patience of little squirrels
all over the planet is finally
coming to fruition!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Squirrels Teach: The Concept of Zero

"Only three cultures arrived at a concept of ZERO independently: the Maya, the Babylonian, and the Hindu of India" states Martin Brennan in The Hidden Maya.

The Mayans seem to have had two types of zero, to go with their two types of writing. The first kind was a fairly staightforward text style that was used for doing computation; that zero is the eye-shaped symbol in the upper left picture above. The second type was the flowery symbolic writing they used for monuments, shown in the bottom row.

But how did the Mayans choose that eye-shaped symbol?
Here is what my squirrel Bucky told me yesterday morning:
The old Mayans would often have little squirrels as pets. In searching for a symbol to represent the concept of zero, what better symbol of the transcendent state, the portal to the next dimension, than the sleeping baby squirrel?

Bucky told me that some old Mayan gazed lovingly at his baby squirrel and saw immediately the perfect representation of "zero". The Mayan concept did not mean "nothing". To the Maya, zero signified both a completion of a cycle and a portal to a higher level in infinite cycles of limitless ages!

The rapidly approaching date of December 21, 2012 is the end of many cycles of time in the Mayan Calendar. And in the Long Count that day is See the chart below found in Wikipedia by searching "Long Count".

On the final page of Jose Arguelle's epic book The Mayan Factor, which he wrote to prepare people for the Harmonic Convergence back in 1987, he states:

"Then it shall be ready. The unique moment, the moment of total planetary synchronization, on the beam, will arrive~ the closing out not only of the Great Cycle, but of the evoltionary interim called Homo sapiens. Amidst festive preparation and awesome galactic-solar signs psychically received, the human race, in harmony with the animal and other kingdoms and taking its rightful place in the great electromagnetic sea, will unify as a single circuit. Solar and galactic sound transmissions will inundate the planetary field. At last, Earth will be ready for the emergence into inter-planetary civilization.
Then, as if a switch were being thrown, a great voltage will race through this finally synchronized and integrated circuit called humanity. The Earth itself will be illumined. A current charging both poles will race across the skies, connecting the polar auroras in a single brilliant flash. Like an iridescent rainbow, this circumpolar energy uniting the planetary antipodes will be instantaneously understood as the external projection of the unification of the collective mind of humanity. In that moment of understanding, we shall be collectively projected into an evolutionary domain that is presently inconceivable.
And yet, we shall know. Like infants in a vast new playground, we shall retain the highest and most exalted vision. Purpose will be illumined to new levels of spontaneity. Everywhere shall be heard the Voices of the Galactic Federation: the Elders, the Ancestors, the great Boddhisattvas and Saints, the Maya returned, our deepest Selves, the Cosmic Mirror, the Raiment of Space and Time made One. As one voice, the announcement
shall be made, heard by one ear: And now the adventure begins!
Now, some will say that I have woven a fantasy, a utopian tale that is unrealizable in such short time. But I have only woven from that which the Maya left behind and which the teachings of mind's vastness make accessible to all. According to the prophecies of Shambhala, following the final conquest of the three Lords of Materialism by the spiritual armies released for the closing of the cycle, there will be a 500-year Golden Age. As we ride the final baktun fractal through this dark moment of Faustian denouement to ultimate planetary release from our self-created bondage, let those warrior-shamans among us take heart. For it is through the open portals of the heart that the future returns in all of its radiance.
Humbly presented as a gift to the children, I close with the Mayan code of honor:
In Lake'ch: I am another yourself.
Completed 1 Imix, 12 Zotz, October 6, 1986, the Eastern Year 7 Muluc
Boulder, Colorado, Central Rockies, North America

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Squirrel Food for Thought

Little squirrels love to eat!
Anytime is a good time for a snack!
And any place is the right place for food...

Squirrels love to really "get into" their food!

And they are always happy...
to help you eat your food!


Squirrels are naturally attracted to
 food that is good for them,
but they are always ready
to try a "new" food!

And if you leave food behind,
you can rest assured that little squirrels
will not waste one bite!

So it's good to start them off right when they're young!
Feed them the way mama squirrel would approve...

The next best thing (when mama's not there)...

For a wonderful manual on the healthiest way to feed squirrels,

Because a well fed squirrel is a happy squirrel!