Monday, November 26, 2018

Squirrelove ALWAYS wins!

Bonzo's handiwork on my Mac

When I found Bonzo sitting on my Macbook chewing on the keys, I was absolutely enraged! Mostly because I thought I'd have to replace the whole keyboard which could cost anywhere from $280.~ to $400.~   OMG.

So off I went to the Apple Genius Bar at the Barton Creek Mall.  I had to leave my computer there for about four days. Thankfully, Bonzo hadn't damaged the piece of the apparatus that would warrant a new keyboard!  A very competent tech named David was able to repair all six keys, making my laptop "as good as new"!  Not only that, but the cost of repair was  $0.00!!
(Seriously, I thought I was dreaming.)

After this event, I was being very careful to either close the cover OR at least put some books on the keyboard when I went into another room in the house. However, on Thanksgiving morning, I had to run out to put gas in my car, thinking that many of the stations would close early.  I did not close the laptop, but since I had put some books on top of the keyboard, I figured it would be OK.  


When I came home, the "Bonz" was happily chewing away and had removed the "A", "Z", "option", and "function" keys.


After locking Bonzo in his cage, I got online and immediately made an appointment at the Apple store for repair, and then tried to carry on as usual. Poor Bonzo.  Come to find out he just really enjoys chewing on plastic items...   plastic clips, cinch ties, laptop keys, etc. 

Bonzo man
I guess I should have had faith that Admiral Nut would take care of everything, but I didn't.  So on my 2nd trip to Apple, I was pleasantly surprised that the Apple tech that helped me was David, the one who did the first repair!  There are literally hundreds of techs... I mean what are the odds??   He took the computer back into the shop while I waited. (I don't know how long it took since I was having a lovely conversation with another squirrel-lover sitting next to me. Awesome.)  David finally returned with all the keys fixed except the "A". He said that the piece that makes the contact was gone and that he had to take a piece from another laptop and place it there.  He wasn't sure yet whether it would work (make contact). In fact, they didn't have any extra "A"s in the back so he used the one I brought with me.   He snapped it on. So far so good. Now we just had to turn it on and try it out to see if it worked!

...Drumroll please...

1.Booting up the computer
2.opening sticky notes
3.typing the "A"

And "VOILA" !  It worked!  The A made contact!
OMG.  That just saved me hundreds of dollars.

David said there was no charge for the repair.
So I told him I would bring him a 2019 Squirrels of Wisdom Calendar and he said that the techs really are not allowed to accept any gifts.  When I insisted, he said if it was for everyone to enjoy, then it would be OK.

Suddenly I saw the brilliance of Bonzo's plan:
he was working paw in paw with Admiral Nut and all of Squirrel Galactic to spread Squirrelove all over the planet
(and in any and every way they can!)

So the moral of the story is this:

                                                                                       Bonzo knows best.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Bonzo Man

Mr.Nut holding onto me.

Well, I never thought there would be another little boy squirrel like my Mr.Nut, but I was wrong.

 I do believe my sweet Bonzo has much in common with Mr.Nut.   You see, both boys had a rough start in this world.  Bonzo was having a normal life with his mom and siblings until one day, mama disappeared (probably due to a predator).  Then the next day, his siblings disappeared as well,  and he was all alone to fend for himself. Bonzo was alone for 24 hrs before he was found.   

Similarly, Mr.Nut and his brothers were content in their tree until someone knocked their nest down.   Long story short,  the nest was found by a woman, but only 2 of the 3 squirrels were in it.  Then, 24 hours later, Mr.Nut was found all by himself.   You see, both Bonzo and Mr.Nut were all alone to fend for themselves a full day before someone found them.   This period of time without any mother or siblings to keep them warm had an effect on their development.    At least Bonzo was a few weeks older so he was not as seriously affected as was Mr.Nut.  Mr.Nut was only 2 weeks old and could not maintain his warmth without another warm-blooded mammal to help him.  He was cold when I got him.

And now, just like Mr.Nut, my Bonzo loves to cling to my hands.   He holds on as if to say, "Momma, I will never leave you!" 

Bonzo,   holding onto me.

Is Bonzo a reincarnation of Mr.Nut?  I really don't know.
But I will say that it is wonderful to be reminded of Mr.Nut on a daily basis.  Bonzo is full of juicy happiness and loves to be the "kitchen squirrel".   He continues to let me know how much he loves me!  
And there's nothing better than that!

I LOVE my mom!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Squirrel Realization

Beautiful Sri Nut Ji

So, it's come to my attention that there is a great deal of confusion over the term "Enlightenment".   For thousands of years, the term 'enlightenment' has been equated to 'Self-realization'.    And Self-realization has meant the discovery that YOU are not the small self, but rather the Self with a capital S, which is to say...   the Totality.   

I beg to differ in the use of terms.   We can and should be more precise in our selection of words!!   I have come to discover that this "Self" the sages and masters talk about is none other that the Great Squirreluminosity!   i.e....   The Squirreluminosity, aka Juicy Squirrel Happiness, aka The One Squirrel Heart....  all point to the same "Self"!!! 

Sweet Miss Nutleigh Ji
   Therefore, What humans are really seeking is none other than Squirrel-Realization!   (Squirrel with a capital S)   I can attest to the Truth of this, but to give you your own experience, I would recommend that you listen to the song that our Miss Nutleigh gave the world.  This song was performed at Byron Katie's New Year's event just a few weeks ago.  

And so, on this day, January 21st, the officially recognized Day of Appreciation of Squirrels,
we express our profound gratitude for all the transformation that the little squirrels have facilitated on our planet!
Long may their tails wave!