Monday, March 19, 2012

Laws of Squirrelodynamics

Are you aware of the four major laws of squirrelodynamics?  I'm sure you will recall the first two from school...
         1.Energy cannot be destroyed.
2. Everything tends toward disorder.

But the 3rd and 4th laws were added in the last couple of years as telepathically communicated by the little squirrels! 

The third law is: There is a nut for every squirrel and a squirrel for every nut!

And the fourth law is: There is nothing NOT included in Squirreluminosity! 

 OK...  what exactly is Squirreluminosity?
Nirvana! Love! Bliss! Pure space! The All!
If you don't believe it,
just go to the park and look at the little squirrels!
Then give one a nut...

Feel the beingness of the little squirrel!  That's you!
That innocence and sweetness is who you are!  How can I say that? You're the one feeding the squirrel! It's all for you!
That's GRACE!.....
That's Squirreluminosity! 

Monday, March 5, 2012

In Praise of Squirrel Mamas

This post is in honor of all the squirrel mamas on the planet!  I have so much respect for the incredible job they do!  To keep the babies, usually three or more, fed, warm, sheltered and nurtured is a tall order for any mom!
I am in awe of their perseverance, dedication, and just all around good common sense! It is one thing to take care of babies in a warm house... I imagine it is quite a challenge having to deal with rain, wind, temperature extremes, predators, cars, and other variables!

God Bless All Mama Squirrels!

At this time, I have the honor and privilege to care for three infant squirrels that were orphaned when their nest came down in north Austin last month. Keeping up with the feedings every 4-5 hours round the clock,  in addition to keeping them at just the right temperature, stimulating them to go to the bathroom, and cuddling them just like a squirrel mama would do is almost a full time job!

I am in awe and appreciation of nature's way of nurturing it's infants in the wild!  One thing I know for sure, I am hard pressed to do all that a mama squirrel does for her young!

Whether human or squirrel,
 it makes no difference...
 the bond between a 
mother and her young is a powerful one. When my 
    daughter was born over 
    29 years ago, I remember waking up in the middle of the night always just a few seconds before she did so I could  nurse her. It was like magic... we were so connected.  And now, when it's time to feed the baby squirrels in the wee hours, no matter how tired I am, I automatically wake up at exactly the right time to
 feed them!  A mother's love never ends!