Monday, October 12, 2015

"Because I'm A Squirrel."

Baby Nutkin
One day I had a very illuminating conversation with my baby squirrel Nutkin. We were playing together after his meal. Suddenly and spontaneously, a series of questions came out of my mouth and to my utter astonishment, Nutkin answered every single one of them!

First I asked him, "Nutkin, why do I love you so much?"
Nutkin answered, "Because I'm a squirrel."

Then I asked him, "Nutkin how come you get cuter every day?"
He answered, "Because I'm a squirrel."

Then I asked, "Nutkin, why do you love me?"
And he said, "Because I'm a squirrel."

Finally I asked him, "Nutkin, how are you able to remain so peaceful?"
Nutkin answered again, "Because I'm a squirrel."

Nutkin and friend

So I began to contemplate the implications of what Nutkin was sharing with me.  What did "being a squirrel" really mean?  Could it be that the frequency of "squirreldom" is equivalent to that of unconditional love?
Could it be that all the little squirrels on the planet are here to plant the seeds of unconditional love and help facilitate the return of paradise on planet Earth?
Could it be because little squirrels radiate so much love that makes their appearance so be

In the blissful silence of hanging out with little Nutkin, it became blatantly clear to me that little squirrels are always so happy and peaceful because they don't bother with a language.  They don't speak with words and they don't think with words. More precisely, they communicate telepathically to us and we hear what they share by tuning in to our own hearts. Then we can translate their messages into word for others to understand. But the little squirrels simply live in the moment and act completely from the Presence of Pure Love. This Presence is commonly known as the "One Squirrel Heart".


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ramana Maharshi LOVED Squirrels!

Indian Palm Squirrel

Ramana Maharshi, the Sage of Arunachala, is one of the most revered teachers of Advaita or nondual wisdom. He is also known for his compassion and love for animals. At his ashram, he was always feeding the monkeys, cows, dogs, cats and squirrels.   There is an awesome video about his relationship with the squirrels on YouTube... you can simply click here: Ramana and the Squirrels

"In the roof of the Old Hall, squirrels would build nests.  Once, some new-born squirrels dropped on Bhagavan's sofa.  Their eyes remained yet unopened and the size of each baby may not have been more than an inch;  they were very red in color with fresh flesh, absolutely tender to touch.  The mother squirrel ignored them. Now, what to do? How to feed and attend to such tender things?
The baby squirrels were in the palm of Bhagavan. His face glowed with love and affection for them.  While there was a question mark in the faces of those who surrounded Bhagavan, HE HIMSELF was happy and cheerful.  He asked for some cotton to be brought. He made a soft bed for them.  He also took a bit of cotton and squeezed it to such a tiny end, the end portion looked like a sharp pin. 
He dipped it in milk and squeezed milk into the tiny mouths.  At regular intervals, Bhagavan repeated this act of compassion.  He tended them with great care and love till they grew up and ran around.  They did not run away, only ran around their 'Mother'.  Kinder far than their own mother!"

Ramana holding a little squirrel.

Just hoping that along with the incredible gift of self-inquiry Ramana gave to the world, that we can learn the importance of compassion in caring for our animal brothers and sisters.
Ramona considered them his family and treated them equal to humans! 

Ramana lounging with friendly squirrel.

"Later on in life, Ramana began to walk with the aid of a staff. One day, as he was descending the steps into the ashram compound, a squirrel, who was being chased by an ashram dog, ran past his feet.  He called out to the dog and threw his staff between them and in doing so, he slipped and the fall broke his collar bone.  The dog was distracted and the squirrel saved.  Bhagavan did not care for his own safety while protecting the devotee. It may just be a squirrel, but for  Him, the primary concern was to protect His friend the Squirrel.  His own safety was NEVER a concern."

Sunday, July 19, 2015

S.A.N.G.A. = Squirrel Ambassadors Networking for Global Awakening

Squirrel Ambassador en route to Planet Earth

Have you noticed lately that squirrel consiousness is on the rise?  Starting to see more signs of squirrels in the news, in YouTube videos and on t-shirts?  Our squirrel relations are showing up everywhere: from food products to jewelry to auto decals.  What's going on?

Muffin examining a box of squirrel cookies.
Well, it's simple, really.  The Mayan creation story tells us that the squirrel was the animal that led the Sun on its first journey across the sky at the beginning of time. The squirrel is the designated guardian of the Sun.  When the Europeans came over and accused the Mayans of being pagans because they "worshipped" the Sun,  they completely misunderstood what was going on.

In the indigenous cultures, the Sun represents enlightenment. It symbolizes Christ Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, etc.  In the Mayan calendar, the last of 20 day-signs and the last kin of the 260 day cycle (the Tzolkin),   is "Yellow Cosmic Sun".  This icon represents awakening;  the transcendence of duality.   In Mayan carvings and art you will find squirrels pictured around the thrones of rulers and you will see the symbol of the Sun emblazoned on the squirrel's face. 

See green circle: Squirrel with Sun Emblem

So today, more than ever on planet Earth, squirrel wisdom is sorely needed to reinstate balance and harmony.  
This is why so many people are now having the opportunity to actually get to know squirrels at a personal level.  Baby squirrels are falling out of trees, getting rescued by people and making real heart-to-heart connections.  People who would probably never meet are being connected via their love for the squirrels. 
Commander Nut's new website 
Commander Nut has taken it upon himself to help with the awakening of humanity.  He offers squirrel blessings, wisdom videos and is happy to answer any questions you may have.
You can reach him via his new website:  www.SatsangWithMrNut  
Please don't hesitate to call on him...  Mr.Nut takes great pleasure in sharing Squirrel Truths: 

Take heart dear ones:  Squirrelove Rules!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Lil' Mustard

Loving little Mustard

There are really no words to describe the sublime bliss that arises when a baby squirrel has touched your heart.

A few mornings ago, I was putting food on the tray for Muffin and suddenly a squirrel name popped into my head. I heard,  

"Little Mustard".
And I knew in that instant that someone would be calling me to say they had found a baby squirrel. Sure enough, the very next morning, the phone rang and it was a man in south Austin who has a shoe store.  He said he had found a baby squirrel hiding under the tire of a car in the parking lot outside his shop.

All alone trying to stay warm.

Mo brought the baby squirrel right over and I met this little angel.  He was about 6 weeks old, a bit scared, but looked to be healthy.  I proceeded to make my organic milk formula so that he could have some warm nourishment once he settled in a bit.   Little Mustard was not very happy about the nipple I put on the syringe, which of course is not as soft as what he had been used to.... his own tender mama.  But on the second feeding he took in 3 cc and then at the next feeding he took in 6 cc.  He was peeing and pooping and loved to be cuddled.  I played some soft soothing flute music and gave him Reiki healing energy to soothe his little heart.

All cozy in my nightshirt.

And then I remembered that two weeks ago, I had gotten a message from my friend Sonia.  Her squirrel Natasha had gotten hit by a car on New Year's Day and she and her husband were still really sad about that. I told her that it was baby season and I would keep an eye open for one for her.   And I knew in my heart that this little one had come for her.
Oh my goodness.  My heart was being torn... can I really let you go, sweet angel?  I am already in love with you.

 Little Mustard cozy and warm.

I sent a chat message to Sonia, thinking she probably wouldn't see it right away.  But less than two minutes later, she called.  Yes, she was very interested and yes, she could come by anytime for him.  We set the time for the end of the next day so I could make sure he was pretty settled in his eating routine and more relaxed.

That night I experienced such a wave of emotion.  To feel the touch of a pure, helpless little baby squirrel definitely opens your heart wider than it was before.  Tears were streaming down my face with a profound love... a new depth of sweet love.  How can such a little soul provoke such profound devotion?  It is a squirrel mystery no doubt.
I was dreading having to give over this angel.  And yet, I knew this was meant to be.

When Sonia and her husband arrived, she excitedly told me about how she broke the good news to him.  

Sonia's words: 

"Mustard: I put mustard on a lot of things. Potato chips, fries, mac n cheese, and with grilled cheeses. So when I found out Lil Mustard needed a home I knew he'd be ours. I was excited to tell my husband, Yitzak, but wanted to do it in person. After work, I walked in the house, and casually questioned my husband 

"Babe, what's my favorite condiment?" 
"mustard. Why?"
Me: "isn't it a great coincidence that that's our new baby squirrel's name??!!!"
We both squealed and squeaked with excitement."

  And indeed Little Mustard was exactly where he was supposed to be! He taught me this:  
If you only have the faith of a mustard seed, you can say to the mountain, "Move!" and it will move.   

A new home for little' Mustard.

They were so happy to have this little one to love that my heart was soothed.  I prayed that Little Mustard would settle in nicely and not feel that I had abandoned him.
I slept well that night knowing he was in loving hands.

Then I received an email from Lisa at the shoe store, inquiring about the found baby.  I told her that I had placed him with Sonia and her husband. And I was pleasantly surprised at her reply.  Lisa told me that her sister Sonja had passed away in 1990 and it felt special to her that he ended up with someone with that name.

Mr.Nut beaming squirrelove.

Today Mr.Nut held my hand and confirmed that I had done the right thing.  He said, "There is no limit to squirrelove. It continues to expand and one day will include the entire planet. It's all just a matter of time."

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The "Muffin Body"

the Muffin man

No doubt you have heard of Eckart Tolle who wrote The Power of Now and The New Earth.  Tolle talks a lot about the "pain body" as being an unseen force that causes us to unconsciously seek pain over and over again.  This "Pain Body" is simply the collection of self-destructive habit patterns.  Most people feel that they are victims of this body and don't really understand how to dissolve it.

In my morning play session with Muffin, he told me that all one has to do is to connect with their "Muffin Body".   This is the exact opposite of the 'pain body'.  The Muffin Body is pure silliness, unequivocal juicy happiness, lightness and playfulness without concern for the past and without worry of the future.  Muffin says that everyone has their own 'Muffin body' and most people don't even realize it!   In connecting with it, there is the instantaneous lightness and buoyancy of pure bliss, a marked absence of doubts or anxiety, and a simple, happy curiosity and openness to everyone and everything!  

the Muffin body

If you are feeling like you have lost touch with your "inner squirrel",  then Muffin recommends that you watch this video to see how he taps into his "Muffin body":

Muffin said that really and truly, all you have to do is: 
Smile, even if you don't feel like it.
Think of your favorite squirrel.
BE the squirrel!