Saturday, August 21, 2010

Have you thanked the squirrels today?

Ghandi said: " You can judge a nation according to the way it treats its own animals."

Perhaps the most significant species of animals in North america is the squirrel! They are part of every corner of the continent, living in urban and rural areas and in wilderness. They live in large numbers in other parts of the world, such as most European forests.

Did you know that their existence in large numbers was a major factor in developing and maintaining the world's forests; THE SQUIRRELS BEING ONE OF THE FEW SPECIES OF ANIMALS WITH DIRECT CONTRIBUTION IN DEVELOPING AND MAINTAINING THE FORESTS DURING MILLIONS OF YEARS, by planting various nuts. Their existence as a species is appreciated to have begun about 35 million years ago!

It is time for us to have the maturity and common sense to understand and appreciate their major, vital importance for us and for the Earth as a whole, and to stop giving them the "pests" status, associating squirrels with rats (both are rodents), savaging and abusing them. If they chew the roof to keep warm for winter, or eat the bulbs from the garden, desparate of hunger, we have to remember- WE BREATHE OUR AIR BECAUSE OF SQUIRRELS IN PART.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Feed them. Feed first the ones around your house. Buy peanuts, walnuts, pecans, filberts, sunflower seeds. (20 pounds of peanuts are $25, which is not too much), buy a 20-pound bag for the winter months. and go in the park of your choice and feed them. AND BECAUSE WE OWE THEM SO MUCH, IT IS OUR VERY DUTY TO PROTECT THEM FROM ABUSES, TO TREAT THEM IN A HUMANE AND CIVILIZED WAY AND TO COMPENSATE THEM FOR TAKING OVER THEIR HABITAT by helping them with food and nests.

It's time to live in peace with our furry tailed friends. God bless al the squirrels of the world!

Kudos to Annick, my new heroine for following her heart's call to compassion! Keep on feeding those critters, girlfriend!!


God Bless You Annick!