Monday, March 1, 2010

30 seconds of squirrels from jim le fevre on Vimeo
Hugs to Jim Le Fevre for contributing his lovely squirrel animation to Squirrels of Wisdom! You can visit Jim's website at www.jimlefevre .com. The squirrels and I are grateful to Jim for his amazing squirrel work! He will most definitely receive multipe blessings from all our beloved squirrels! Peace on Earth... Good will toward squirrels!!!
Squirrel Galactica: The Real Truth Comes Out
Have you ever really thought about the amazing job that squirrels are doing on this planet? People do not realize that every time a little squirrel plants a nut in the ground, it is actually planting energetic seeds of unity consciousness! All squirrels are tuned in to the huge energetic shift of 2012. The Council of Old Medicine Squirrels long predicted that in the year 2012, there would be underway what they called "THE GREAT UNRAVELLING"! This means that as we say goodbye to the old cycle of the darkness of confusion, we say hello to the new cycle of the Light of Love and Understanding. The actual end date is Dec. 21, 2012 which is the day the axis of the earth makes its first move toward galactic center and towards the Light! Just think! It had been away from the light for about 26,000 years!

The Old Medicine Squirrels call this astronomical event the "Unravelling" because the infusion of light acts as a catalyst for the unraveling of all the outdated concepts that humanity assumed were true, believed them and created their own nightmare.
As our little squirrels put seeds of Light into our earth people start to question things they used to believe were true. For example, I feed the squirrels on the Hike and Bike Trail in Austin about four times a week. It used to be that people would be afraid to feed the squirrels because they believed the concept "Squirrels want to bite people." Now people are experiencing for themselves that this is not true. Squirrels are gentle creatures and they want to eat nuts not people. So I give a person a nut, and introduce him to one of my many squirrel friends and say "Just hand him this nut (I give the person a pecan) and get close enough so he doesn't have to jump or reach for it" You see, people were so fearful in the past that they would stand too far from the tree and the squirrel would have to jump or reach with his paw and the person would freak out and get scratched. The poor squirrel was just trying to get the nut!
The other thing people don't realize about our squirrelly friends is that they don't see very well. Squirrels can't see directly in front of them, so when you hand them a nut, they can mistake your finger for the nut. Believe me, they don't want your finger. You have to hand the nut to them in a confident and loving gesture and they will take it gratefully! And I guarantee you will experience a rush of Pure Unconditional Love that is plentiful on this beautiful blue-green planet!

The other really cool thing about Squirrels is that they will perfectly mirror back to you what state you are in. If you are fearful, they will appear fearful to you. If you are confident and kind to them, then that is how you will see them. The Squirrels taught me that I am a projector and the world is my projection. When I am in a state of "love" then that is all I can see around me.
So as we experience the Great Unraveling, the old paradigm of scarcity, suffering, and injustice falls away and what emerges is the realization of abundance, joy and equality. All the squirrels on the planet know the difference between what hurts and what doesn't hurt. Therefore you will never find a squirrel that believes their thoughts! A squirrels' mind is free and without concern. They don't bury nuts for the future... they just bury nuts because that's their job. And if you spend years watching them as I have, you will realize that they bury nuts for everyone. They know that nothing belongs to them. They put nuts in the ground and when they want them they dig them up. It doesn't matter to them which nut they dig up. All nuts belong to all the squirrels!
Here's a picture of one of my friends looking in my bag for a nut:

And when you get to know these fine creatures, you will experience a Pure Heart of Compassionate Service! Long live the Squirrels!