Saturday, August 11, 2012

Visualize Squirreled Peace

Backdrop:  Black Squirrel Peace I by Mario Ybarra Jr.

It's really happening! The squirrels are changing our reality, one nut at a time! Everywhere you look, there they are!  They are inspiring us, cheering us up, teaching us how to play, and generally getting us to lighten up! Isn't that really what "enlightenment" is?

My friend Den Lilla Ekorren, has outdone himself with this sweet tribute to his furry squirrel friend! Artists all over the world are channeling infinite swirling squirrel wisdom in an ever accelerating pace! The dawn of the Squirrel Age is upon us! 

This song is meant to be sung to that special squirrel in your life! Whenever I sing it, it brings tears to my eyes! The beautiful squirrel painting below was done by one of my Reiki students.... WOW! Just when you think life can't get any better.... another squirrel appears!

by Caitlin Stephens
Many thanks to all you squirrel lovers out there! Thank you DaVid for the inspiration for this post! Thanks to the Black Squirrel Society and Princeton Black Squirrel! Thanks to each and every little squirrel for teaching unconditional love by their awesome example! It is our ever constant privilege to assist our squirrel brothers and sisters in their Great Mission: Squirreled Peace!

I am the squirrel I want to see in the world!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Behind Every Temple is a Satsquirrel!

With only 136 days until the Cosmic event, winter solstice, Dec.21st, 2012,
the truth is coming out regarding the many cosmic happenings on the planet!
Now for the first time in 26,000 years, 
the squirrels are being recognized for their awesome part in the Awakening of humanity!

How did they do it? Just like at the pyramids at Giza, the Cosmic squirrels of the highest dimensions gather in the etheric realms and
draw up the blueprint and then simply drop the plans like a thin curtain over the selected area. At the same time, the physical beings on the planet are receiving telepathic messages from these Bodhisquirrels and cooperate beautifully by doing the needed footwork on the planet.
That's me in front of the Oneness Temple back in '09

On my first trip to the Oneness University in January '06, I stood in a long line to experience darshan with SriBhagavan at Amma's ashram in Nemam.  I stood in the midst of hundreds of Indians, waiting to experience the Grace of SriBhagavan.  Now at this point in my 21-day process, I was in a very nice state. And this day was special to me, for it was my birthday! Finally it was my turn to stand directly in front of Bhagavan... I excitedly stepped forward. His eyes were closed and he sat in a white chair in front of a white wall and there were various beautiful flowers all around him.  In only moments, I witnessed a small grey animal crawling on the wall moving towards Bhagavan's head. OMG... is that what I think it is... or am I having a vision? I was seeing a small striped squirrel running to his head and then turning around and running away. Since we were in silence, I didn't ask anyone if they saw what I saw! Finally, back in our dormitory room, one of the women asked me if I had seen the squirrel! What a birthday gift!
I had witnessed the truth of the Mayan creation story! The grey squirrel is indeed the  guardian of the Sun! Bhagavan is the Yellow Cosmic Sun... the Mayan prophet that is here to facilitate the Great Awakening!  And everyone is invited to the Cosmic Party, the birth of the Golden Age!
Grey squirrels getting ready for the Cosmic Party!

If you don't believe me,
 just ask any squirrel!