Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Bodhi Squirrels

There's a very well hidden story about how the Buddha realized enlightenment.
Very few people know about the auspicious circumstances that led up to his
awakening in approximately 500BCE.

On the previous blog post, I spoke of the little squirrel in the garden of Eden
who tried to warn Eve about the folly of believing in duality. Well, fast
forward several thousand years to the great-great-great-great-grandsquirrels
of this Edenic squirrel sage. These latter squirrels were known as the Bodhi
squirrels because they inhabited the famous Bodhi tree in Nepal. This family of
squirrels would sit every morning in meditation. That is, they would rest in the awareness of squirreluminosity. This created an awesome energy field that
radiated out quite a distance from this tree, so that people walking by would
instantly feel a divine presence of peace and contentment. The funny thing is
no one knew exactly why they felt so good.

So, lo and behold, one fine day Siddartha wandered around searching for
a good place to sit when he began to feel an undeniable pull toward this bodhi
tree. Sid was a sensitive guy and noticed a very auspicious benevolence
emanating from the tree. He sat down to contemplate and instantly awakened
to squirreluminous Oneness!

My squirrel Bucky transmitted this account early this morning, July 24th, which
happens to be the last day of the Mayan Red Overtone Moon year. You see,
Bucky comes from a long line of Bodhi squirrels. He admitted to me that he
purposefully fell out of his tree at only 2 weeks of age, so that he could later pass
on this important knowledge to me. He said we had finally entered a time when
people would welcome the truth!

"May I quickly attain enlightenment
in order to work ceaselessly
for the liberation of all sentient beings."

~Red Tara Dedication Prayer