Saturday, December 8, 2012

2013 Squirrel Calendar


What could be better than a squirrel photo masterpiece?
A. Twelve photo masterpieces, one for each month of the year!

Here's how to get your 2013 Squirrel Calendar!
Just send an email to Julie @ this address:
or you may call 512-448-2374

Personal checks and money orders are accepted and postage is included provided postage to your location is $5.00 or less.
If you live far away, like Japan or the UK, then please go to and on the homepage there is a PayPal donate button.  Click to donate $25. to cover the postage and email me the address where you want it sent.
(I am not using PayPal for domestic orders since I have to pay a percentage to PayPal and that would make the cost of the calendar go up by $2.~)

All proceeds go toward the feeding, housing, and loving care of our little orphaned or injured squirrels that live inside and the feeding of our local squirrels at Austin's hike and bike trail. 

Mr.Nut says,
"When you help a little squirrel,
you are helping the whole planet!"

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Kinzumido: The Way of the Squirrel

Young Monk Contemplating Kinzumido

My friend in Japan told me that there are many squirrels that  have taken up residence at the Temple of the Great Buddha and are referred to as the Zen Buddhist Squirrels.
The formal Japanese phrase for squirrel is Kinzumi and adding the letters "do", Kinzumido, means "to follow the squirrel way."

And what is the "squirrel way"?  To answer this question, I asked Mr.Nut if he wouldn't mind being interviewed, as he is a wisdom squirrel.  Here's what he said: 

Me:  Mr.Nut, could you describe in a nutshell what is meant by "the way of the squirrel"?
Mr.Nut:  Essentially, it means to walk in kindness.

Me:  Mr.Nut, how does one embody this teaching?
Mr.Nut:  For a squirrel, it is simple... we treat everyone like a squirrel, meaning there is no one higher or lower... all beings are the energy of Great Mystery. By respecting Great Mystery, kindness naturally results.  It makes for a peaceful existence.

Me: Mr.Nut, why are there so many squirrels inhabiting sacred temples around the world?
Mr.Nut:  Squirrels naturally gravitate to familiar energy. Squirrels originally came from the Sun and so the high frequency and radiant light of the Sun feels comfortable to us.  So residing in the sacred Temples on the earth feels much like "going home" to us squirrels.

Me: Mr.Nut, can you tell us a good way to grow in kindness?
Mr.Nut:  It is simple really... just love every being.  People think this is hard because they still believe that there is good vs. evil.  So what to do... just rest in Squirrelmind.  In Squirrelmind there is just LOVE and love means "not two".  

Me:  Can you give an example of how this works? Take a current situation that is difficult... perhaps hurricane Sandy.
Mr.Nut:  OK.. there is no problem with a hurricane until you make a story about it.  If in talking about the storm, a person says, "Many buildings were damaged and people injured" still there is no problem.  But when you hold the belief that there should never be any damage or injuries,  then you create the perception of OK vs. not OK or good vs.evil. If you remember "not two", you can just witness all that is in front of you... buildings under water, people, tree branches on roadways, etc. and see it all as one scenic view.

Mr.Nut exemplifying Kinsumido

Me:  What is the "squirrel way" of viewing a storm?
Mr.Nut:  Typically, squirrel nests will be blown out of trees. Mama squirrels get busy finding their young and making a new nest.  Some squirrels are separated from their families and are rescued by friends of squirrels.  Then the rescued squirrels go on to teach their caregivers Kinzumido.  Squirrels are not afraid of death... we live short lives compared to humans and we don't take anything seriously. As a result, we have more fun in life.  That's how we can run at high speeds in the uppermost branches of the trees... we don't care if we fall or even if we die.  Everything is just a passing experience! So when a storm comes we know it is all just part of Great Mystery. We welcome everything that comes. 

Me: Mr.Nut, do you have any advice for people who want to experience more peace in life?
Mr.Nut:  I would just tell people to openly embrace everything without a story.  Let yourself enjoy every possible experience that comes to you. If you make this your practice, you will always be in Bliss.  And Bliss is your natural state... it is the constant state of every squirrel 

Newpaper reporters interviewing Kinzumi

Monday, October 15, 2012

Squirrel Telepathy

Squirrel King of Austin

Well I think it was only a week after my last post
 about squirrel royalty that this graffiti showed 
up on north Lamar just before you go 
under the viaduct at 5th.

Squirrel sighting at North Lamar and 5th.

The amazing thing is that I didn't paint it and I don't even know who the artist is!  The point is this: squirrel consciousness is bigger than you think! I had just written about King Nut of Linderhof and lo and behold, a squirrel king appears in public! Squirrel telepathy is a happening! These days more and more squirrels are showing up to help facilitate the Awakening of humanity! Just up the street from this amazing squirrel art is Whole Foods Market and guess what's painted at the middle entrance?

Squirrel Marketing 

I'm proud to live in a squirrel friendly town like Austin and I love it that our squirrel art is being viewed by the thousands of music lovers that are here participating in Austin City Limits Music Festival.  Little do our visitors realize that while they are enjoying a smorgasbord of great music,  they are receiving cosmic squirrel blessings!  And they thought it was the music making them feel so good!

Never underestimate the ability of a little squirrel
to open your heart!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Royal Squirrel Family

King Nut of Linderhof

What are the superior qualities of royalty? They are capable, compassionate, considerate of the needs of the whole, and contribute to the harmony of the entire kingdom.
King Nut, great leader of Squirreldom, has said: "Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you." Of course he borrowed these words from Lao Tzu, but that is what makes him such a great leader!

Lord Pete

You may remember the Great Lord Pete, renowned squirrel diplomat and advocate for squirrel welfare. He is known to have said: 

"The career of a sage is of two kinds~ he is either honored by all in the world, like a flower waving its head, or else he disappears into the silent forest."
Lord Pete's great great grand niece is the famous Princess Nubbins. She was loved by the entire court for her sweet countenance and is known for her generosity and compassion to all beings. People would come to the young Nubbins and ask for her guidance.  She is most famous for her teachings on the topic of the Greatest Healing Power in the Universe~ Love!

Princess Nubbins
She would often quote Emmet Fox-Squirrel: 

"There is no difficulty that enough love cannot conquer;
No disease that enough love will not heal;
No door that enough love will not open;
and no wall that enough love will not throw down.
It makes no difference how deeply seeded may be the trouble,
how muddled the tangle, 
how great the mistake,
for the sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all.
There is no sin that enough love will not redeem, and there is no gulf too wide that love cannot build a bridge over.
If you could love enough, you would be the happiest and the most powerful being in the world."

Monday, September 24, 2012


Pucky in outer space: Messenger of Peace!

Yes, we've finally made it! It's 2012 and squirrels all over the Cosmos are taking their positions for the
You can see it happening everywhere you look!
From the Whole Foods Market in Austin,Texas: 

Whole Food's Trail Mix Display

To a remote town in Scotland....

Kilmarnock's Coat of Arms
Everywhere you look, squirrels are appearing to assist in this global awakening! Squirrels, being the natural guardians of Cosmic Consciousness, are finally taking their rightful place in the limelight!

From technology....

and sports events....

In food and beverage labelling, 

In clothing,

In restaurants...

And pubs...

Basically, everywhere you look, you will see an increase
 in people's awareness of their squirrel brothers and sisters!  It is squirrelove that will bring peace back to our planet!
It is with squirrel persistence and squirrel humor 
that a state of bliss and harmony will return
as this great cycle closes on Dec. 21st 
and the Golden Age begins!

And would you believe, what I found on Facebook? 
The Squirrels' Prayer! 

Global Love Project

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wisdom of the Sadhu-Squirrels

Squirrel Sadhus performing a house blessing

People have forgotten the Ancient wisdom teachings and so must rely on the Great Squirrel Sadhus to activate their Cosmic memories.  The purity of these teachings have been maintained perfectly in the consciousness of these bodhi-squirrels.  The books of wisdom, such as the Squirrel Upanishads, the Squirrel Vedas, the Squirrel te Ching, and the Gospel of Squirrel, were transcribed by the holy squirrel sages thousands of years ago and then buried deep at the base of the Tree of Life in the Yucatan.  

Squirrel Keepers of Wisdom

Chuang Tzu was referring to these squirrel rishis when he stated:   "The purpose of words is to convey ideas. When the ideas are grasped, the words are forgotten. Where can I find one who has forgotten the words? He is the one I would like to talk to."

There is a great ancient text called the Ashtavakra Gita; less commonly known as the Squirrel Gita.  Very few people realize that Ashtavakra lived many incarnations as a squirrel. Consequently, his teachings are so pristine that the reader can be awakened spontaneously to his true essence!

Don't worry if you don't have any copies of the Squirrel Wisdom teachings....  you can always visit a little squirrel and ask for a direct transmission!  They are always happy to perform this service! 

Squirrel Sadhu giving Shaktipat

Don't forget: "If the squirrel fits, wear it!"

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Great Squirrel Art Masterpieces

The Original Mona Lisa

 Many people do not realize that many of the world's greatest works of art have featured little squirrels. When these masterpieces were first created, the consciousness of that particular decade could not support the idea that a squirrel was in the picture and so these works were altered to please the powers that be.  Now, finally, in 2012, this year of awakening to truth,  the original pieces are being found and shared!  
Botticelli's Venus
The little squirrels have lived in all times and have been the true inspiration for most of the great artists.... Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Michelangelo, and others!  Never underestimate the potency of a squirrel muse! They hold the wisdom of the Cosmos and love to share it with the open-hearted ones!

Michelangelo:  The Creation of Squirrel Wisdom

Today, new forms of art are emerging... 
like the piece below called "Red and White":

Exhibit at Museum of Modern Art in Kitaurawa

You never know where squirrels will pop up next...
sometimes in the least likely place!
Who would have thought that the famous Russian mystic and artist, Nicolas Roerich, was in fact  inspired by a squirrel muse!
Roerich's Madonna Oriflamma

"Where there is peace, there are squirrels 
Where there are squirrels, there is peace"
                                                                  ~Nicholas Roerich, 1874-1947

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Visualize Squirreled Peace

Backdrop:  Black Squirrel Peace I by Mario Ybarra Jr.

It's really happening! The squirrels are changing our reality, one nut at a time! Everywhere you look, there they are!  They are inspiring us, cheering us up, teaching us how to play, and generally getting us to lighten up! Isn't that really what "enlightenment" is?

My friend Den Lilla Ekorren, has outdone himself with this sweet tribute to his furry squirrel friend! Artists all over the world are channeling infinite swirling squirrel wisdom in an ever accelerating pace! The dawn of the Squirrel Age is upon us! 

This song is meant to be sung to that special squirrel in your life! Whenever I sing it, it brings tears to my eyes! The beautiful squirrel painting below was done by one of my Reiki students.... WOW! Just when you think life can't get any better.... another squirrel appears!

by Caitlin Stephens
Many thanks to all you squirrel lovers out there! Thank you DaVid for the inspiration for this post! Thanks to the Black Squirrel Society and Princeton Black Squirrel! Thanks to each and every little squirrel for teaching unconditional love by their awesome example! It is our ever constant privilege to assist our squirrel brothers and sisters in their Great Mission: Squirreled Peace!

I am the squirrel I want to see in the world!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Behind Every Temple is a Satsquirrel!

With only 136 days until the Cosmic event, winter solstice, Dec.21st, 2012,
the truth is coming out regarding the many cosmic happenings on the planet!
Now for the first time in 26,000 years, 
the squirrels are being recognized for their awesome part in the Awakening of humanity!

How did they do it? Just like at the pyramids at Giza, the Cosmic squirrels of the highest dimensions gather in the etheric realms and
draw up the blueprint and then simply drop the plans like a thin curtain over the selected area. At the same time, the physical beings on the planet are receiving telepathic messages from these Bodhisquirrels and cooperate beautifully by doing the needed footwork on the planet.
That's me in front of the Oneness Temple back in '09

On my first trip to the Oneness University in January '06, I stood in a long line to experience darshan with SriBhagavan at Amma's ashram in Nemam.  I stood in the midst of hundreds of Indians, waiting to experience the Grace of SriBhagavan.  Now at this point in my 21-day process, I was in a very nice state. And this day was special to me, for it was my birthday! Finally it was my turn to stand directly in front of Bhagavan... I excitedly stepped forward. His eyes were closed and he sat in a white chair in front of a white wall and there were various beautiful flowers all around him.  In only moments, I witnessed a small grey animal crawling on the wall moving towards Bhagavan's head. OMG... is that what I think it is... or am I having a vision? I was seeing a small striped squirrel running to his head and then turning around and running away. Since we were in silence, I didn't ask anyone if they saw what I saw! Finally, back in our dormitory room, one of the women asked me if I had seen the squirrel! What a birthday gift!
I had witnessed the truth of the Mayan creation story! The grey squirrel is indeed the  guardian of the Sun! Bhagavan is the Yellow Cosmic Sun... the Mayan prophet that is here to facilitate the Great Awakening!  And everyone is invited to the Cosmic Party, the birth of the Golden Age!
Grey squirrels getting ready for the Cosmic Party!

If you don't believe me,
 just ask any squirrel!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Buddhas at the Gas Pump

Buddha at the Gas Pump

You've probably heard the phrase "buddha at the gas pump"; which is simply a reference to the fact that even after people 'awaken' to their true essence (a.k.a. become enlightened) they still have to do the ordinary everyday things like "chop wood, carry water" and pump gas!

I just found a brilliant video of Gangaji, one of those awakened beings, and she was being interviewed on this very topic. Being intimately familiar with a squirrels' exceptional telepathy, I began to wonder if these little buddhas were making any appearances at gas pumps these days! WOW! Here's what I found.
It turns out that in Bakersfield, 
California, a large community of ground squirrels have taken up residency at a Chevron station. According to reports, over thirty ground squirrels have made the gas station their home! They can be seen scurrying around on the gas pumps, scampering across the parking lot and peeping down at patrons from the canopy! Typically, squirrels will relocate to the wild... to relocate to a gas station is considered pretty unusual.
OR is it?
These squirrels have become a somewhat of a local attraction and people are coming from neighboring towns just to see the squirrels! And much to the chagrin of some wildlife "officials", people have begun to feed them...
Watch the local newscast about this amazing phenomenon!

I would propose a different view of what is going on in Bakersfield!  The bodhi-squirrels know that it's time to go into the communities and reach the people and open their hearts! They are giving "ground-squirrel-shaktipat"!
They are bringing playfulness and magic back into those everyday chores... such as fueling your car!
Nothing to do but love them!

Chop wood, carry water, pump your gas, love the squirrels!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Join the Squirrel Peace Movement!

When I saw this posted on Facebook today, I realized that squirrels all over the world are coming into their own!  They are finally being recognized for their genius, flexibility, generosity, and benefit to humanity!  The old paradigm image of them as pests is forever gone!  Let's all take a moment to feel the gratitude in our hearts for their immense
contribution to our well being and their ever constant offerings to our Mother Earth!  Take time each day to appreciate the squirrels in your life! Feed them! Love them! Keep them safe!

Listed below are some of the many squirrel groups on Facebook today! Put these names in your finder window and check them out!  Help raise squirrel consciousness and be a part of the Squirrel Peace Movement!
Squirrels of Wisdom
Squirrels Are People Too!
Squirrel Central
Squirrels Are Us
Chris's Squirrels and More
Peanut the Squirrel
Sammy Squirrel
LV SquirrelFest
Squirrels of Notre Dame
Squirrel Appreciation Group
SQURLY friends Group
Lena the squirrel fan club Group
and if you find more, please write the name in a comment and I will add them to this list!

And feel free to start up a new page of your own! Remember.... one can never have too many squirrels
too many squirrel friends
too many squirrel pages on Facebook!
too many baby squirrels at home!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Juicy Squirrel Happiness

Juicy, juicy, juicy...
Juicy little squirrels!
Raining juicy happiness on a thirsty world!

Raindrops by Janet Boyd
Mr.Nut, Bucky, and Sweet Pea added by the Squirrelady
I can't imagine anything better than juicy squirrel happiness! This is actually what's happening on the planet every day! Little baby squirrels are "raining" their sweet joy on everyone they meet! Have you noticed how many squirrel lovers FB groups there are? Have you noticed how many people post YouTube videos of the squirrels they love? The numbers are growing! The squirrels' mission of world peace is a real possibility now that so many peoples' hearts are being opened by squirrelove! 

Just feel the love as you watch Nigel, 
the pet squirrel! Nothing's better than 
being blessed to live with a squirrel!