Thursday, January 3, 2013

Farewell to a Mayan Squirrel Queen

Farewell, sweet Queen!

I am amazed at all of the synchronicities regarding the life of one extraordinary and precious grey squirrel from New Orleans!  As a tiny baby squirrel, rescued from Hurricane Katrina and brought to Austin by a compassionate animal lover, Earl Grey came to live at 2012 Gathright Cove. What a privilege to care for the original grey squirrel that escorted the Sun on it's very first journey across the sky (according to Mayan legend!) It was Earl's amazing squirrel telepathy that drew in her rescuer and her intense love directed him to drive her all the way up to Austin so she could live at 2012, the year engraved in her DNA.  Squirrels are known as "gatherers", so how perfect is Earl's address!  Gathright is an old English word that means "to gather rightly". 

Queen Earl was born for this mission... she knew the incredible opportunity for Awakening the humans... and participated in this with her whole being!  At the beginning of 2012 she announced her mission (see post: Mayan Squirrel Prophecy) and saw it through the very last day of 2012. 

Then on January 1, 2013, this sweet Mayan squirrel took her last breath and headed back to the Sun. She died on a White Planetary Mirror day, kin 218. In Mayan astrology, this kin is my perfect ally, as I am a Blue Planetary Monkey.  White Mirror is also the glyph of the date of death for the Mayan prophet King Pakal. It is no coincidence that on the day after her transition, our Sun was the closest it ever gets to the earth! Jan. 2 marks the time when the Earth is at perihelion, that is the point in its orbit when it is closest to the Sun! (see news article)

In the photo above, I am wearing a special chalcedony ring. On this particular stone, there is a tiny picture of a squirrel under the sun... it was my favorite ring, gifted to me when I performed a Mayan wedding ceremony in New Mexico some years ago. Just before Thanksgiving, my home was broken into and most of my jewelry stolen, including this ring.  That ring had always symbolized to me the Mayan legend and when it disappeared, so did Earl. From the afternoon of the burglary, Earl went into hiding and didn't come out of her nest for about three days.  And this began her journey back to the Sun.  

Perhaps all these synchronicities are like threads of a Mayan tapestry...  weaving a sacred altar cloth depicting the beauty of Great Mystery. In so doing, we are able to admire the intricacies of the Cosmic plan!

I am grateful to have known such a regal grey squirrel and honor her whenever I greet the Sun in the sky above!