Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mayan Squirrel Prophecy

Mayan Artist: Roger Juarez of Ticul
On the 13th of this month, 13 being a favorite number of the Mayans, my gray squirrel, Queen Earl, brought forth a message for the people of the earth.  Her highness has lived with me since she was rescued from hurricane Katrina in 2005. A New Orleans resident found her in a tree that had come down in front of his home.  He scooped up the furry orphan, put her in a shoebox, and escaped to Austin to stay with his sister.  Earl was delivered to me at 2012 Gathright.  Is she the original gray squirrel that escorted the Sun on it's first journey, across the sky in the "beginning of time" according to Mayan Legend? Listen below as she boldly speaks her truth:

The Mayans loved squirrels and to this day, squirrels are honored as hero gods. In the stele and in the beautiful drawings depicting their history, any rendering of a squirrel will show the emblem of the Sun displayed on it's head to signify it's role as the Sun's Guardian.  See the squirrel with emblem (circled in green) in the illustration below: 

~from The Hidden Maya by Brennan, page 156
In the process of researching the relationship of the Mayans and the squirrels, I found this delightful animated video created by a Mayan artist...  

I found it to be very synchronisitc that this video was posted by the artist on the 13th of January!  Is this a coincidence? I don't think so...  In the Mayan calendar, 13 days make a wavespell, or series of days of a specific energy. According to some Mayan scholars, "There is reason to believe that the number 13 was used as a way to say 'completion'." 
So, even without a calendar, Earl the squirrel "knew" exactly when to speak... on the perfect day, the 13th!

A Yum Hunab Ku, Evam Maya E Ma Ho!
(all hail to the harmony of mind and nature)

BTW... on this day, 2-21-2012, Hindus celebrate the Shivaratri, a festival dedicated to Lord Shiva. Sadhus from Nepal and India come to the Pashupatinath Temple and join with devotees from all over the world to pray... 
It's no wonder that Bucky-Sattva, inspired this post on this auspicious day! 

~Om Sri Buckiji~
Just like Shiva, Bucky is a yogi who has notice of everything that happens in the world and is the squirrel aspect of life. 


  1. Thanks for embedding the video! We hope to have another one done soon. We have a site where you can check out other Maya-language oral literature from Yucat√°n: tsikbalichmaya.org.

    1. I love your work! Mayan art is so awesome!!!

      Do you have a nice photo of an Old Mayan with a squirrel on it's shoulder? I have been looking all over for one....

      Do you have a video of the squirrel escorting the sun across the sky?


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