Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Bonzo Man

Mr.Nut holding onto me.

Well, I never thought there would be another little boy squirrel like my Mr.Nut, but I was wrong.

 I do believe my sweet Bonzo has much in common with Mr.Nut.   You see, both boys had a rough start in this world.  Bonzo was having a normal life with his mom and siblings until one day, mama disappeared (probably due to a predator).  Then the next day, his siblings disappeared as well,  and he was all alone to fend for himself. Bonzo was alone for 24 hrs before he was found.   

Similarly, Mr.Nut and his brothers were content in their tree until someone knocked their nest down.   Long story short,  the nest was found by a woman, but only 2 of the 3 squirrels were in it.  Then, 24 hours later, Mr.Nut was found all by himself.   You see, both Bonzo and Mr.Nut were all alone to fend for themselves a full day before someone found them.   This period of time without any mother or siblings to keep them warm had an effect on their development.    At least Bonzo was a few weeks older so he was not as seriously affected as was Mr.Nut.  Mr.Nut was only 2 weeks old and could not maintain his warmth without another warm-blooded mammal to help him.  He was cold when I got him.

And now, just like Mr.Nut, my Bonzo loves to cling to my hands.   He holds on as if to say, "Momma, I will never leave you!" 

Bonzo,   holding onto me.

Is Bonzo a reincarnation of Mr.Nut?  I really don't know.
But I will say that it is wonderful to be reminded of Mr.Nut on a daily basis.  Bonzo is full of juicy happiness and loves to be the "kitchen squirrel".   He continues to let me know how much he loves me!  
And there's nothing better than that!

I LOVE my mom!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Squirrel Realization

Beautiful Sri Nut Ji

So, it's come to my attention that there is a great deal of confusion over the term "Enlightenment".   For thousands of years, the term 'enlightenment' has been equated to 'Self-realization'.    And Self-realization has meant the discovery that YOU are not the small self, but rather the Self with a capital S, which is to say...   the Totality.   

I beg to differ in the use of terms.   We can and should be more precise in our selection of words!!   I have come to discover that this "Self" the sages and masters talk about is none other that the Great Squirreluminosity!   i.e....   The Squirreluminosity, aka Juicy Squirrel Happiness, aka The One Squirrel Heart....  all point to the same "Self"!!! 

Sweet Miss Nutleigh Ji
   Therefore, What humans are really seeking is none other than Squirrel-Realization!   (Squirrel with a capital S)   I can attest to the Truth of this, but to give you your own experience, I would recommend that you listen to the song that our Miss Nutleigh gave the world.  This song was performed at Byron Katie's New Year's event just a few weeks ago.  

And so, on this day, January 21st, the officially recognized Day of Appreciation of Squirrels,
we express our profound gratitude for all the transformation that the little squirrels have facilitated on our planet!
Long may their tails wave!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Chippy Nut

Chippy Nut

Well, it's been a year since I made a post.  Since my favorite muse, Commander Nut passed away in early 2016, the flow of writing has practically slowed to a halt.  Mr.Nut was always talking to me and giving me great insights and topics to write about. Everything was so easy with him by my side.  I sure do miss that buddha. 

But here's what's happening now...  one way to describe it is that Mr.Nut is back again, but that's not entirely accurate.  Let's just say "his energy" is back again.

  Last April, I created a beautiful postage stamp of Mr.Nut because I knew he could help get the mail delivered much faster, being that he's traveling around in a spaceship.  Well, just a couple days later, a mail carrier found an orphaned baby squirrel and brought her to me.  Wow... that was the first time I got a squirrel by mail!  You can read the story HERE.   At the time, I had a feeling that Mr.Nut had sent her to me...  time would tell.

The little baby squirrel grew into a beautiful young lady-squirrel.  The interesting thing is that she acts a lot like Mr.Nut, and more so each day.

And then, just in the last few days, she has been talking up a storm.  She is here to carry on the mission of the good Admiral.  She is a messenger of love and hope for the planet.
She said that she prefers to be called "Chippy Nut" as she is part of him.  You see, Admiral Nut needed a counterpart here on earth so that he could continue his work here. 

So this morning, Chippy Nut told me that it is important to continue to spread "Squirrelove".  And no matter how terrible things can seem "out there",  it is absolutely paramount to remain "inside" in the heart-wisdom.  She says it is easy to react negatively to negative events. But she urges us to be vigilant... to stay focused on kindness and compassion.

She also told me that Admiral Nut's friend, Dr.Stephen Greer of CSETI, has written a new book called "Unacknowledged".   It is the real scoop about the extra-terrestrial life that our galactic squirrel family has known about all along. And they are here to help us protect and heal our dear Mother Earth.  She urges us not to be "fooled" by the many gloom and doom movies that portray the ET's and UFO's as enemy, for they are our allies and helpers.  Like the squirrels, they have gotten a "bad rap".   But as squirrel-consciousness has increased dramatically...   the earth is now ready to see the Truth of our Galactic Family (of which squirrels are a majority.)  Be open to their message!

Chippy Nut

LOVE LOVE LOVE .... is what's REAL.

Buddha Nut

BE the LOVE that you ARE!

Squirrels Are In Charge

Yes, the earth is in trouble.... and many people have given up hope.  But the squirrels are here to say: "Don't despair!"

They've got our backs.

Pop media might not have the full story, but they do acknowledge squirrel-intelligence.

Watch this....


And we've known this all along, however unbelievable it seemed.   Commander Nut was here to comfort us and now, as Admiral Nut, flying around the ethers, is keeping every little thing balanced.   Just because things looks bleak, please don't despair.    It's not over until the fat squirrel sings.

And as the good Commander told us just before he died,
"I will be with you always, and I will send helpers to get you through the tough times ahead."   

And so it is.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Pranams to the Squirrels


One never knows what "form" a teacher will take.  For me, I've been blessed with a series of squirrel teachers.  And through the 13 years of adopting these orphaned baby squirrels, rehabbing them, releasing most to the outdoors, and giving "forever" homes to the non-releasables, I've come to see them as TRUE BUDDHAS.  And now, through their eyes, I can see, finally, my own "Buddha Nature".

Many times I would sit and stare into the eyes of one of my "rescues" and suddenly there would no longer be a subject and an object.  Rather, there was only the dissolving into PURE LOVE... falling into the One Heart only to find out THAT'S ALL THERE IS!  And "I" AM THAT!

One of the great things about squirrels is that they're not concerned with following some "leader".  They don't require a "squirrel in charge" because they all tune inside to the "One Squirrel Heart"... which is one undivided whole.  In fact, this is the very same "Heart" that resides in each of us; what some nondual teachers refer to as "The Absolute".

In the beginning, when I took in a motherless baby squirrel, I thought that I was helping her... but in time, I discovered that it was actually the other way 'round. That baby was Grace coming into my life to shower me with my own goodness!  Wow-- What a gift!

Most recently, I was sitting with one of my new squirrels, Miss Nutleigh.  At one point, I caught her gaze and a song of wisdom came through me from her and I recorded it.  Much later, in listening to myself singing it again, I heard the words on another level.  I realized in that moment that "consciousness" was singing to "consciousness" and being witnessed. In other words, the One Squirrel Heart spoke TO me THROUGH me, and LOVE was seen.  I guess you could call that a "squirrel awakening"!   

I want to acknowledge my profound love and appreciation to the late Mr.Nut.  He crossed over on my 60th birthday last January.  You can hear his amazing wisdom online:  

And I also bow in deep respect to my beloved Muffinheart who taught  me true meditation.  This dear boy recently passed at the end of August.  You can find his meditation at:  Eternal Love of Muffinheart

*Pranams is a deep bow of respect, usually seen in the East where devotees fall prostrate on the floor in front of their teacher.

Finally, I want to share the words of Nutleigh's Song:


When I was just a little baby squirrel
I would suckle at my mama's breast
She would give me everything
Yes, she would give me everything I need.

But now my mama's gone away from me
And so I suckle at another breast
And I am given everything
Yes, I am given everything I need.

The Way of Love is strange and harsh and kind
The Way of Love is strange and harsh and kind
It takes you to the very edge
It takes you to the very edge... of you.

And when you find there is no end of you
Then you shall see there is no end of love
And you are given everything
Yes, you are always given everything.

And so it seems I am a little squirrel
But truth be told, I am the same as you
And we can never lose this love
No, we can never lose this love .... we are.

And when all beings go away from me
And I am face to face with only this
I see that I was never born
I see that I can never die
I see that I was always everything
Yes, I was always everything.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Bon Voyage Captain Muffinheart

Capt.Muffinheart seeding Mother Earth with Squirrelove

There are simply no words to describe the  exquisite and  overwhelming love that comes through a little squirrel. And if you happen to be blessed with the sweet friendship of one, then you have been truly graced.

My little Muffin loved me like no other.
He was and is my sweet angel of love.
So much so that at one point I had to change his name from "Muffin" to "Muffinheart".

But now I will start at the beginning.
Muffin was one of three beautiful boys found under the hood of a student's car at St.Ed's University in South Austin.  Luckily, their mama chewed the wires so the girl couldn't start her car. Then her dad looked under the hood and discovered the litter of baby squirrels nestled behind the left headlight.  The campus police called me to come get them.  God Bless Mama Squirrels!

So Muffin, Buddins, and Nugget grew up together until Muffin decided he'd rather be in his own space. 
And I honored that.  
Muffin was a little different than his brothers.  
He was an especially sensitive little guy... 
 The summer that Buddins and Nugget were released, Muffin had been sleeping with his mouth against his cage and ended up with crooked and overgrown teeth. So his teeth got trimmed by our vet, and his release got delayed.
  (Now looking back, I know he planned it that way.)
By the time I knew his teeth were fine, it was winter.
The main problem with squirrels is that the longer they live with you, the more you fall in love with them.  At this point I was head over heels in love with the Muffin man and I dreaded the day I would be putting him in the outdoor cage to get used to the neighborhood sounds and weather.  

Nevertheless, Spring did arrive and it was Muffin's turn!
On the first two tries, he got in fights with other little boys and both times came home with gashes on his little body.  The first one was on his back and the second one was across his sweet face.  Poor Muffin.  I'm not sure if it was harder on him or me!

But they say three times is the charm.  So I was going to try just once more. Remember, it was also the springtime so mating season was going on.  On this third try he had a little fling with Miss Rosie Posie who was also being released.  But after several days outside, Muffin came  back to the front door and wanted in. And that's the day he officially became an "indoor squirrel".
And it wasn't until a couple days before Rosie gave birth in my kitchen that I even knew she had gotten pregnant!
But Rosie came inside to have her babies,
and so Muffin got to see his pups grow up. 
Such a sweet adventure for us all! 
These were such happy times... what could be more fun than a houseful of squirrels? And although the following spring, Rosie Posie and her angels Pookie, Chupie and Rosebud would move outside, the Muffin man remained behind.  He loved hanging out in the big cage and giving advice to his young boys when they came home for meals.
But the best part for me was sharing my morning coffee time with my Muffinheart.  
You can feel all the love in this video:

Muffinheart is best know for his affectionate nature. So many videos of him being a loving little buddy and so many photos of his indescribable cuteness! It seemed that every day he would just get cuter and more lovable!  
Truly astonishing!

So it's especially difficult to say goodbye to such a sweet friend.  I still don't know the exact cause, but one day I noticed he was not drinking water from his water bottle on the side of his cage.   So I brought the water bowl from his outdoor play-cage and offered him some.  He guzzled it down.  So I thought the problem was solved.  However, he was also not eating much and had stopped pooping.  I would offer him his usual food, but he refused. So I tried a piece of rice cake which he loved... but later vomited it up.  Not long after, he wasn't keeping the water down either.  
Finally, I took him to the vet so he could get some SubQ fluids.  Dr.Brad gave him 20ml. with a medicine added to calm his tummy so he could keep down food and water.
He had lost so much weight, poor fella.

Photo of Muffinheart taken two days before he died.
Then on the drive home from the vet clinic, Muffinheart 
was looking off in the distance with a smile on his face.  
I kept touching him, saying, "Muffin, hey buddy... we're almost home!"

We went inside and I laid him on my lap. I loved on him and told him how much I love him. He was so weak and seemed to be only partly in his body.  Then he started to move in a circle on my lap... trying to get more comfortable. 
Then he got still and took two shallow breaths with his mouth open...  and I knew he was leaving.
I held him up on my right shoulder 
and kissed him; his body so so limp.
And then he took his last breath.
Tears and more tears... oh sweet one.
Oh my dear coffee buddy...

Beautiful Muffinheart resting in Peace

Back when I still thought he would be going to live outside in the trees, I wrote him a love song.  And upon listening to it again, I find that it is a most appropriate song for his passing.  I call it "Muffin's Song".

Muffin was indeed a "bodhisattva" squirrel. A being who is so kind and selfless that they come back time and again to teach lovingkindness.   

And so, his beautiful box of ashes attests to this. 
My heart is full of gratitude 
to all those who helped make this tribute possible.  

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Miracle of the InnerNut

Capt. Muffinheart demonstrating squirrel telepathic communication.

Have you ever wondered about how little squirrels are able to communicate instantaneously with other squirrels?  Unlike our slow Internet, they use the incredibly fast InnerNut.  This mode of communication is the fastest and most efficient.  It requires no computer hardware and is instantaneous!  How is that possible? 
Because it is direct: heart-to-heart!

 The InnerNut was popularized and spread over the globe through the ingenious efforts of our late Admiral Nut.  He worked tirelessly to make sure that little squirrels and squirrel people world-wide were connected!  The connection is simply made via awareness.  Once Mr.Nut would telepathically touch your heart, thereafter you became aware of the frequency of compassionate heart-wisdom! The same wisdom that made Mr.Nut the bodhisattva that we all knew and loved, and continue to love!

Admiral Nut spent his entire lifetime perfecting the art of effortless communication. He conveyed hundreds of messages of pure wisdom without even uttering a word!  With his pure intent and compassionate heart, he was able to teach the Cosmic principles of Squirrelove to squirrels and squirrel people all over the globe! He has students and friends in every country on this planet and throughout the galaxy!

Here is a song in his honor!  Thanks to my dear friend Ulf for his lovely music accompaniment and video creation!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Give Us This Day Our Daily Nut

I was sitting with Capt. Muffinheart this morning and he shared some squirrel wisdom with me.  It's that time of the month again when the rent is due and that always brings on stress.  The cost of living is going up, but not enough work to cover the basics.  So, as I was pondering this dilemma, the thought came (telepathically from Muffin) "Hey you know the prayer is:  "Give us this day our daily bread".  It's not "Give us this day our yearly supply of bread."  

Then I realized that my stress was happening from worrying about the future.  In this moment, I have a roof over my head and food on the table.  The lights are on and I'm not in debt. And the squirrels are all healthy and happy! 
Thank you Muffinheart for bringing me back 
to the present moment! 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Your Squirrel IS the path to Enlightenment!

Sweet Mr.Nut beaming LOVE

This morning I was having coffee with my little buddy Muffinheart and suddenly a message came in loud and clear.   "Your squirrel IS your path to enlightenment." WOW!
What does this mean?

Enlightenment is, simply put, the realization that everything is perfect just as it is.  Mr.Nut spent a lot of time teaching this wisdom.  He was the perfect example of pure Peace and Love.  No matter what was happening around him, Mr.Nut always demonstrated pure equanimity.

 Here are some of the many ways a squirrel makes the perfect teacher of enlightenment:

1.  Like Ramana Maharshi, they practice Silence.
2.  They accept what is.
3.  They always live in the "now".
4.  They love you unconditionally.
5.  They are always at Peace.
6.  They recognize the God in you, even when you don't!

And little by little, as we live with our little squirrel buddies, they teach us their calm and meditative lifestyles.  You can just observe them in everyday life because they teach by example!

Mr.Nut at an early age, teaching LOVE.

To learn more about enlightenment, you might want to go to squirrel satsang.  Just visit: and immerse yourself in the ultimate Truth!
There is nothing more satisfying than the realization of Truth!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fly High Admiral Nut!

Mr.Nut and Mr.Bee just chillin'

It has taken me quite a while to finally write this post.  There are no words to describe the exquisite love of and for my beloved Mr.Nut.  His story is a love story... one of miracles and magic. And so, I will begin at the very beginning.

Almost 4 years ago in mid-February of 2012, I received a call from a local vet asking me if I could take in a nest of baby squirrels.  Apparently some yahoo had knocked a nest out of a tree and put it in his shed. When his girlfriend came home, he told her about it and she immediately got it and called the vet.  (Note: this was the same vet who sent my Bucky to the light only 6 weeks prior. You can read Bucky's story here: "Farewell Beloved Bucky" 

So this woman brought me the whole nest with two little babies in it, but seemed troubled.  She said, "I just have a feeling that there is one more baby out there somewhere. I will go home and search the whole area and the shed."
So, 24 hours later, she returned to my house with one more cold, little baby. This sweet angel had been out in the cold, rainy, wet 40-degree weather.  And this was our amazing Mr.Nut!!   (Here is the post of this discovery: "Baby Squirrel Wisdom")

Bucky, Sweet Pea, and Mr.Nut grew into beautiful little boy squirrels, happy and healthy. Then as time went on, it became apparent that Mr.Nut was a little 'different' than his two brothers.  He was more quiet, gentle, pondering. In fact, sometimes he would just sit and stare... it seemed he was often meditating.  At one point Mr.Nut no longer wanted to share the same cage with his brothers and so I gave him his own space. Check out the three babies: 

While his brothers were lively and played together, Mr.Nut preferred to be quiet and contemplative.  He didn't seem like a good candidate for an outside life.  So when it came time to release Bucky and Sweet Pea, I felt it prudent to keep Mr.Nut inside. My best guess was that Mr.Nut had either incurred a brain injury or birth trauma. Certainly the rough and tumble of outside life was not for him!  In May of 2012 he began to share his wisdom via a new blog called ""  Soon Mr.Nut became known as the "Buddha" of the neighborhood. It was clear that he was operating in the higher realms and so began the start of his satsangs: 

Sweet Mr.Nut became Commander Nut as his duties included keeping peace on the planet, helping others in need, and ministering to the broken-hearted.  He became known for his amazing compassion and peace.  Many times he would visit those in hospice or recuperating in a hospital bed. He would appear to them and comfort them at a soul level. 

Mr.Nut always reminded us that LOVE is all.  You can see in this video taken in 2014, that he radiated pure compassion: 

We celebrated all his birthdays with zeal and zest and he immensely enjoyed socializing with his many friends.
He loved celebrating Christmas and Valentine's Day. 
Anyone who met him fell in love with him.  He got to meet the bakers who made his birthday cakes, his friends at the post office who helped mail his t-shirts and calendars, and he even spent time with the children at the Integrity Academy. He was intent on dispelling the old myths of fearing squirrels. He was docile and calm and let anyone and everyone pet him and love on him, always key on giving a real experience of the immensity of Squirrelove.
People came from as far away as Japan to meet him and his calendars have been mailed to almost every one of the United States and even Australia, the UK, and Sweden! 
Here is the Commander enjoying his 3rd birthday celebration:

After his third birthday, the Commander seemed to slow down and gain more weight.  We tried an outdoor enclosure for him to run around and play, but after any short workout, he would sleep for hours. But no matter what was going on with him physically, he was always in good humor. Here is a video interview filmed about a year ago:


He was eating much less than all the other squirrels but his weight kept increasing. Even his vet had no clue of the cause. It wasn't until his last days that it became clear that he had been suffering from Congestive Heart Disease and that the extra weight had been due to edema. He was hiding more in his cubby and didn't like to be picked up. Finally, when I did pick him up I discovered the big sore spot on his lower abdomen... it was a sign of internal bleeding. The following day, on my 60th birthday, Mr.Nut lay in his cozy cubby while I was answering birthday wishes and phone calls. After getting off the phone with my brother from Florida, I went to check on Mr.Nut and sadly, he had quietly slipped away.  It was about 3:40. Something told me he had left his hurting body at 3:33 pm but I didn't know for sure.
I called one of his dearest friends to tell her and she just sobbed.. she could not even speak.  The next day we held a farewell ceremony for him, placing rose petals on his beautiful squirrel body.  During the ceremony, the phone rang and it was his dear friend calling back.  She relayed her story of his passing.   She had laid down to take a nap at 3pm and suddenly sat straight up in bed, trembling. She got up and stood at the kitchen window. The clock said 3:33.  The waves of energy continued and then Mr.Nut came to her, kissed her, hugged her neck and flew off into the light.  Yes, it was true. The Commander left at 3:33, just as I had known in my heart!

How does one say goodbye to such a Beloved Buddha as this?  Perhaps the word "good-bye" is really not appropriate for this occasion.  He had touched hundreds of beings with his amazing love and compassion.  Beautiful flower arrangements arrived, sympathy cards came in, and many of his grieving friends and fans called to offer their condolences.
Now all the love that he had sent out was coming back to embrace me in this auspicious moment in time. 

A few days after his cremation, one of his dear friends, a retired Naval Chief Petty Officer, suggested that the Commander should be promoted to Admiral.  He loved him dearly and would often send him his favorite incense from the Temple of the Great Buddha in Japan.  Then just yesterday a beautiful certificate arrived from this dear man to confirm Mr.Nut's promotion:

The Certificate reads:

Greetings to those who shall witness:
In recognition of his supreme work as a Buddha Squirrel while in service of the Greater Squirrel Galactica on Planet Earth and for bringing a message of peace and squirrel love to millions of its human and animal citizens from 
February 9, 2012 to January 19, 2016.

Mr.Nut, Commander Squirrel Galactica

is hereby promoted to Flag Officer status with the permanent rank of:

to rank as such from January 20th 2016

Please know that Admiral Nut's mission of spreading Squirrelove continues on in all the realms and throughout the Cosmos.  Friends can still seek his counsel by using his website:  
...simply go to his contact page and send in your question.

As is depicted on the cover of the 2016 Squirrels of Wisdom Calendar, the Truth is broadcast:  "Squirrelove Rules"

For my Beloved Mr.Nut...  I will always love you baby!  
Enjoy this touching video: