Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Baby Squirrel Wisdom

Have you ever wondered why mama squirrels usually give birth to three or more babies? 

That's because the immense body of 
squirrel-wisdom-love is simply too big 
for one little baby squirrel 
to bring onto the planet by himself!

On February 17th, which was a Yellow Self-Existing Sun in the Mayan calendar, two babies were brought to me and on the next day, Red Overtone Dragon, a third baby from the same litter was found and joined us. Yellow Sun is the glyph symbolizing enlightenment and Red Dragon is all about nurturing being.  Dec. 21st 2012 will be a Yellow Self-Existing Sun and celebrates the coming of the long awaited Golden Age!

          These little buddies are here to remind
 us to return to innocence! 
It is said that when the student is ready
 the teacher appears! 
Well here are my teachers!
 I am so grateful for their baby squirrel wisdom~

... be vulnerable
... relax! it's a friendly universe!
...we all have each other
... our love is indestructible
...don't worry, be happy!
...nothing to do
...just be the love that you are already!

I suspect that Bucky is back in body and 
has brought two friends with him!
Just when you think life can't get any better...
baby squirrels arrive!

Nothing like a squirrel nap after mealtime!


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