Monday, January 30, 2012

One Squirrel Heart

It's morning and I'm sitting here on the couch contemplating my squirrelove, Bucky. Listening to Deva and Miten singing "Aad Guray", tears flow spontaneously... little Bucky is visiting me again!
Where do the tears come from? 
They come from the One Squirrel Heart
Like Kahlil Gibran said,
 "When you love you should not say, 
"God is in my heart," but rather,
"I am in the heart of God."
I would rewrite that to read:
"When you love you should not say,
"Little squirrel is in my heart," but rather,
"I am in the heart of the Squirrel."
I would further simplify this to:
"There is nothing but the One Squirrel Heart."
Everything proceeds from and is included in the
One Squirrel Heart!

Squirrels already know this and live it. 
 If you've had the  privilege of living with a squirrel,
 you know what I mean.
Squirrels live in oneness.
As Candice O'Denver says in Naked Intelligence:

"There is no two.  That is the importance of resting as awareness.  
We refine our perception to allow for the fact that there is no two, that the reality appearance is just as it is. It doesn't need to be changed. 
 It's a perfectly pure appearance of awareness, 
and it goes so much against everything we learned,
 that it can be kind of startling sometimes to see 
what we're really made of, to just allow everything to be as it is, 
and not go for the bypass."

My bypass or antidote was Bucky. Every morning he would splay out on my left shoulder 
as I sipped my Brazilian coffee.
I had come to really depend on this sweet "squirrel sadhana" to get into a really nice state of clarity.  
However, Sri Buckyji, being the loving guru that he was, reminded me,
 "If you see the buddha on the road, 
kill him!" Bucky was in fact my buddha and
Now as I sit here with myself, I can speak from the 
One Squirrel Heart~

There is no antidote that can bring about uncontrived compassion or bring us beyond dualistic thinking. Because in depending upon any antidote, we enter the world of "two"...  and we miss the truth:
  We already are what we're looking for!
We are that love... we are compassion!
This was Bucky's message.
 Don't look for another antidote. 
Don't look for any curative measure!   
Just let everything be as it is
In Candice's words:

"We allow all the thoughts we've tried to push away, all the emotions we've tried to push away, all the experiences we've tried to push away, or change, or replace in some way to be as it is. This is the heart of reality~ where there is no two of ultimate and relative.
It's so entirely blended that its never been unblended or split."

Bucky didn't see me as separate from him... and still doesn't.  It's my perception that needs to be refined to allow for the truth that there is "no two".
Whatever appears is what I'm looking for...
One Squirrel Heart!


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for such a lovely, inspiring and meaningful post. Much love and blessings to you and Bucky -- from my heart to yours -- which ultimately is the same Heart.

    1. Hello Karen,
      So lovely to hear from you! So glad you got to meet the Buckster! If you get to Austin, please give me a call! XOXO

  2. This is Beautiful Julie! I've been reading "non-dual stuff" for a long time, but this is so alive! Your love is palpable! I'm so glad you found me, so I could find you! Squirrel love to you! Christine...

    1. Thank you, Christine! So nice to meet you... another friend on the way home! And so nice to walk home with little squirrels!


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