Wednesday, May 16, 2012

There's Nothing Like Being a Squirrel!!!

Being a squirrel has it's perks...
      To use the trees as your super highway....
      To be lulled to sleep at night by the swaying of the top branches holding my nest...
      To play with abandon...
      To never have the thought "I have so much to do"...
      To have no fear of jumping to the next tree branch and to feel the breeze as I fly through the air...

Here's a beautiful video from my friends Ann and Greg in Oregon! Listen to Greg's awesome song as you feast your eyes on Ann's squirrel footage! What a wonderful tribute to squirrels!!!

And here are a couple more squirrel songs...
"Ode to be a Squirrel Again" and 
"The Most Beautiful Squirrel in the World"
I sang to a Byron Katie audience in Ojai,Ca.

Once you have experienced
 the love of a squirrel, 
you are never the same again!
You are then lovingly held in 
the One Squirrel Heart!

Posters of Jesus holding Lucky are available for a donation to Austin squirrels.  Just send money by check to Julie in Austin

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Tao of Squirrel

Watch Mr.Nut as he demonstrates 
the way of play.

Remember, Mr.Nut is the reincarnation of the Taoist mystic Chuang-Tzu and recommends that people be more like squirrels. Here are the 
Five Principles of the Tao of Squirrel
1.Play more.
2.Don't take life seriously.
3.Stop thinking so much.
5.Have fun.

You could also call this the 
Yoga of Rest or Squirrel Yoga. 
 Listen to Mr.Nut in this video: 

People think that if they adopt the Tao of Squirrel 
that their lives would become
 a squirrel nest in a minute...
just the opposite is true!  
Even the Buddha finally "woke up" 
when he finally gave up all his strivings 
and just sat under a tree!  
Squirrel wisdom pre-dates all other wisdom!
It is the aware pure space of Squirreluminosity!
If you don't believe me, prove it to yourself...
be a squirrel for a day!

Bucky expounds on Squirrel Wisdom

Friday, May 11, 2012

The New Bucky

The New Bucky in front of Yellow Cosmic Sun!

You might find this post a bit over the top, but at 
Bucky's request, I have to share this information with the world. For those of you who know about the late Sri Buckyji, this will not surprise you in the least!

When Bucky crossed over on Christmas Eve, he flew straight back to the sun (which is described in the song "Squirrel Whisperer"). When he merged with the Sun, his energy got so big that he couldn't fit into one little squirrel body anymore!  So, being the limitless being that he is, 
he came back to Earth as three squirrels at once! (At first I didn't quite get it, but Mr.Nut explained it to me.)

Bucky's love is too big for just one squirrel!
 You see, last time around, Bucky and Pete were squirrel brothers and after Pete got released, Bucky wanted to join him outside.  However, on the first day Bucky was in the release cage, he hurt his face and injured his teeth. Then because he could no longer trim his own teeth, he was house bound... and that turned out to be a very good thing. In fact it was part of the  Great Squirrel Plan! 

So when he went back to the Sun, he connected with the One Squirrel Heart and found out that he could do both!  By incarnating in three squirrel bodies, he could be released with his brother Sweet Pea and simultaneously stay inside the house as Mr.Nut!  I could hardly believe it at first, but now it makes perfect sense and most importantly, everyone is happy!  
Bucky and Sweet Pea enjoying Pecans

When humans listen to the wisdom 
of the squirrels, these little beings of light 
 lead us back to peace!  It's time!

Mr. Nut

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Satsang With Mr.Nut

Every once in a while, one has the honor and privilege of meeting someone truly great. It is by Grace that I have been sent an amazing soul...  Mr.Nut.

From the very beginning, Mr.Nut was different from his two brothers.  He carried himself with a quiet all-knowing energy.  Even when he was simply drinking his milk, he displayed peaceful wisdom. Here below watch Mr.Nut as he expounds on "SQUIRRELOVE": 

I suspect that Mr.Nut is none other than the great Taoist mystic, Chuang-Tzu.
It was Chuang-Tzu that said,
 "Easy is right. Begin right and you are easy.  Continue easy and you are right. 
 The right way to go easy 
is to forget the right way
 and forget that the going is easy."
Mr.Nut exemplifies this truth in everything he does.
He does not strive... he is simply always 
perfectly where he is!