Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Destiny of A Squirrel

Mr.Nut is encouraging me to write a post to explain what the squirrels' mission on earth is all about.  Mr.Nut tells me that all squirrels are connected by the great squirrel morphogenic field and they communicate telepathically to each other to get things done.  They may perform various tasks in peoples' lives, but their main objective is to open hearts.

Most often a little squirrel will show up in the life of someone who has just lost a loved one, possibly a spouse or a child.  A squirrel's timing is impeccable in these matters.  They help the bereaved to not lose hope and to soothe their hearts. These little squirrels help them to smile again. Such is the power of a squirrel's love!

Mr.Nut ~ Fully Enlightened Guru

When orphaned baby squirrels are found, most often they are rescued, rehabbed and released back into the wild.  It is a tough world out there for these little ones and they have to be very careful about predators and cars!  Sometimes it happens that a squirrel is brain damaged or blind or perhaps missing a limb that would preclude it from being able to survive outdoors.  These squirrels are "non-releasables". And finally, every once in a great while you find a squirrel that just doesn't want to live outside! They may scratch through a window screen or just refuse to go anywhere! But no matter the situation, one thing is certain:  that little squirrel is in their human's life for one reason!  To love and be loved! 

Now... take Twiggy the water-skiing squirrel!  Twiggy has been delighting crowds of people for many years!  She performs mainly at boat shows and hunting venues.  And what a great opportunity to make a heart connection to the children!  Once the children fall in love with Twiggy, do you think they would let their dads go squirrel hunting? .... not a chance!!!  

But most people don't realize that Twiggy helped her caregiver overcome her grief when her husband died in a drowning accident! Twiggy's relationship to Lou Ann is a true friend and ally!  Watch this amazing video and witness love in action!  What a beautiful teacher! And what a great way to raise the consciousness of humans to cherish our beloved little squirrels!  


Whether a baby squirrel makes it into the limelight or not, the main thing is that these precious angels pop in when needed! They are teachers of wisdom, and ambassadors of peace and love!   Next time you see a squirrel, please remember to thank him for all the wonderful things he does for humanity!