Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fact or Fiction?

Pete Takes Off His Coat
Believe it or not, there is a new genre of literature out there; it's called Squirrel Nondual Teachings. What does this mean? Nondual simply means the end of 'right vs. wrong', 'good vs. bad', 'us v. them'. In other words, everything is perfect just as it is. It's like the Garden of Eden before we took a bite of the apple.... before we bought into the story that there is good and evil.
Once we've all been programmed from birth to believe in duality, it is a tall order to retrace our steps and re-enter the world of Heaven on Earth. The reason why squirrels make such great teachers of nonduality is that they never left paradise! And paradise is another word for enlightenment!
So here's the latest in Squirrel literature... my first children's book for everyone! It's the story of a little squirrel named Pete who makes friends with a little raccoon and the raccoon teaches him how to take off his coat. Take off his coat!? Could that be possible? You'll have to read it to find out. Anyways, while I was in the process of illustrating my book, I wondered where on earth I could possibly find a photo of a squirrel without a coat! I looked in google images under "squirrel" and lo and behold there was a bald squirrel! So I decided to use the photo for Pete's body, but I would superimpose my little Pete's face on the google image. That worked. So the book got finished and put up on http://www.squirrelplanet.org/inthesquirrelzone/literature/index.html and business went on as usual. Then, just about 2 weeks ago, I was doing my squirrel-feeding rounds at the Hike&Bike trail, specifically at Butler Shores, when all of a sudden I saw a teeny tiny (is that a) squirrel? As I got closer, it ran up to the top of a tree.
I could hardly believe my eyes! That squirrel had taken off his coat! WOW! That first day he refused to come down from that tree. I fell in love with him at first sight... What a sweet soul! A couple days later I came back with more pecans and called out to him, "Hey Mr.Pete, it's me... the nut lady! Come and eat!" And sure enough, this little guy knew his name and came right over. And while he ate, I got some better pictures of my buddy.

Sweet little happy buddy! He ate and ate and I keep returning to feed him. He told me that he showed up because I wrote about him and he figured that meant that it was time.... the world was now ready for the new reality! A world in which everything is recognized as perfect just as it is. And if you don't believe it, take off all the 'coats' you wear and experience life just AS IT IS!

Everything is naturally perfect just as it is!
Maybe this monk knows something... check it out at:

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Squirrel-Sitting is Fun!

Young Nutkin Spends the Weekend with the Squirrelady

What could be better than having squirrels live with you full time? Naturally, it would be having a family of squirrels in your home AND a baby squirrel visitor for the weekend! Little Nutkin pictured above is a baby squirrel that is being happily home-squirreled in Oak Hill with a sweet family. This past weekend they went on a birthday-camping trip and little Nutkin, being the baby squirrel that he is, was not up for all the hustle and bustle of a camping trip. So his mama wisely called on the Squirrelady for her squirrel-sitting services. The Squirrelady was delighted and Mr.Nutkin went on his own adventure!

Nutkin got to climb on chairs, cuddle and play with the Squirrelady, and even got to taste hackberry leaves and berries. He had a visit from the Squirrel Man and the Otter Lady. It was a busy weekend for the little guy and he said he would like to visit again when his family goes on another trip!

What does it feel like to play with a baby squirrel?

...Pure Love
...Squirrel Luminosity
...Outrageous Bliss

See for yourself:

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Proper Farewell...

How to Perform a
Squirrel Burial Ceremony
If you are one of those drivers who have had the unpleasant experience of seeing a dead squirrel lying in the road and have felt a tugging at your heart to do something..... this post is for you. I have had the great privilege of hosting many squirrel funerals. It is simple and so..... rewarding. To perform this ritual is a gift to the squirrel and will give you an experience of the Great Squirrel Heart! First and foremost, you would dig a large enough hole in your yard. Essentially, that means deep enough so the neighborhood dogs won't sniff it out and dig it up. Once the grave is ready, you will need to collect these items:
1. an incense stick or copal or sage
2. a few pecans or walnuts or filberts
3. 5-6 kleenex tissues
4. rose petals or other flowers
Bring all these items to the gravesite. Gently bring the deceased squirrel on a towel to the grave.
The first thing you want to do is to lay a few tissues in the bottom of the grave so that you will have a sweet bed to lay the deceased. Next, gently lay the little squirrel on top of the tissues. Then lovingly place the nuts in his hands and tell him that these are for his journey through the Cosmos. Let him know that it will be a Grand Adventure! Then, cover the traveler with the other tissues, making sure that he is completely draped. Finally, toss the flower petals on top of
this covering. It will look something like the photo below.
I like to chant the Moola Mantra the whole time I am performing the previous steps. Once the rose petals have been place on top, then it is time to talk to Great spirit on behalf of the brave little squirrel. Usually, I pray as follows~

Oh Great Spirit,
Please escort this little squirrel
to the highest level of bliss
in the Squirrel Realms.
Please allow him a fine rest
and when it is time for him to return,
Please place him in a location
where there are no squirrel predators
and no traffic,
And let him be blessed with a loving mate
and have many, many fine squirrel children!
Thank you for letting me serve
this little squirrel soul.

Evam Maya E Ma Ho
Evam Maya E Ma Ho
Evam Maya E Ma Ho

Gate, Gate, Paragate, Para Sam gate Bodhisvaha.
Gone, Gone, Gone beyond, Gone utterly beyond,
Gone all the way to the other shore,
Gone from duality into non-duality.
Oh what an Awakening!

No Coming No Going

No coming, no going
No after, no before
I hold you close to me,

I release you to be so free

Because I am in you, and you are in me

Because I am in you, and you are in me.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Resting in the Spaciousness of Squirrel Kindness

Squirrel brilliance randomly proliferates from
Great Mystery

Some call it the Great Void, some call it the Grace of God. I call it the Spaciousness of
Squirrel Luminosity. Just like stars in the great expanse of our galaxy, little squirrels shine with pure innocence. To really connect with a squirrel is to rest in squirrel-bliss!

To witness fresh new squirrel notions, is to taste the infinite generosity of Nature! Have you ever hand fed a young squirrel in the springtime? To hold a pecan and have a sparkly little squirrel gently walk up to you, place their little paw on your hand and then ever so gently take and eat the nut... well, to say the least, must certainly be one of the wonders of this world! Their little paw rests on your hand for less than a second, but the transfer of pure squirrel-Love in that touch is as powerful as a shaktipat from an Indian sadhu! To rest in the joyousness of the new springtime baby squirrels is to experience directly the Grace of God!

May the Joy of the young squirrel be with you and
May the Wisdom of the elder squirrel bring you Peace!

Experience the JOY of this beautiful song from Den Lilla Ekorren: