Saturday, October 12, 2013

Squirrel Puja

Sri Nut Ji assisting with a Puja ceremony in India

Today, Mr.Nut finally told me why he keeps insisting on burying nuts on my altar. He said that all buddha squirrels have the dharma to protect and raise consciousness. In order to do that, all buddha squirrels perform "Puja" ceremonies.

A Puja ceremony is a ritual that is an expression of honor and devotion to a deity or group of deities. Mr.Nut told me that, as a squirrel-buddha, it is his duty to honor the Great Squirrel Heart that oversees the entire Cosmos. To do this, he selects the best pecans and places them on my altar. My altar has many pictures of enlightened beings... some of which are: Jesus, Paramahansa Yogananda, Mother Meera, Sri Ammabhagavan, and Byron Katie.  Mr. Nut says that all these beings are part of the One Squirrel Heart and so it is fitting and proper that he places nuts there under their photos.

During the last couple of weeks while I was recovering from viral meningitis, Mr.Nut knocked over a large vase of flowers on my altar and made a huge mess. Everything got soaken wet (including Mr.Nut)!  I scolded him for making more work for me to clean up when I was hurting so bad.  He then climbed up to the bookshelf and lay there like a hurt little child. Of course I immediately felt bad.  I had gotten angry with him before I knew his motive!  So I apologized to him for my ignorance and asked for his forgiveness. 

So the point of all this is... before you get upset with your squirrel for doing some behavior you can't understand, just know that he had a very good reason that you're just not aware of!  But if you hold back your judgement and ask him calmly about his actions, he will enlighten you! 

Long Live the Buddha Squirrels!
~OM OM Sri Nut Ji OM OM~ 

Can you find the pecan on the altar? 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Every Time I See A Squirrel I Fall In Love Again!

Rosie and mom sharing a morning kiss.

Little Rosie Posie came to live with me at the beginning of this month.  A little puppy found her in my friend's backyard.  She had fallen from her nest and no mama squirrel retrieved her. So.... off to the Squirrelady's house!

How do you know you need a baby squirrel?  They just show up in perfect timing.  It usually happens when you are starting to lose your sense of humor... things are getting you down and you start taking life too seriously!  Voila! A baby squirrel comes to save the day!

Rosie Posie has renewed my faith, put a smile on my face, and poured squirrel love into my heart!  I am so grateful to the "Squirrels Above" for sending her to me!  And to Rosie Posie I dedicate this song!  I sent my song to my very good friend and squirrel mystic, Den Lilla Ekorren and he made the most beautiful music video! So much gratitude for his amazing generosity and musical genius!  
The little squirrel featured is Miss Nubbins! 
Watch it and experience Squirrelove!
(The words are below so you can sing along!)

Every time I see a squirrel I fall in love again
I don't know when it started,
But I hope it never ends.
There's nothin' like a baby squirrel to touch you deep inside.
It takes them but a moment
To erase the tears you've cried!

Every time I see a squirrel I fall in love again
I don't know how it started,
But I pray it never ends.
A baby squirrel can touch your heart 
In ways you never knew
They open up a magic door to love that's pure and true.

Every time I see a squirrel I fall in love again,
I don't know when it started,
But I hope it never ends.
I think that squirrels live close to God
and come to guide our way
And when we think that God has gone, a visit they will pay!

Every time I see a squirrel I fall in love again
I don't know when it started,
But I pray it never ends.
I love the squirrels with all my heart
To some that seems absurd
But once you've tasted Squirrelove, your troubles are all cured.

Every time I see a squirrel I fall in love again
I don't know how it started
and I don't want it to end
I pray the Lord will keep them safe
And free from needless pain
And when my time on earth is done, I'll see them all again!

Every time I see a squirrel I fall in love again
I don't know when it started
and I pray it never ends
For once a little squirrel has made
A home inside your heart
You find out you and God are One and never been apart!

Every time I see a squirrel I fall in love again
I don't know when it started
And I don't think it will end.
There's nothin' like a baby squirrel to wipe your tears away
and though they're here so short a time
They're in your heart to stay!

Every time I see a squirrel I fall in love... again!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Destiny of A Squirrel

Mr.Nut is encouraging me to write a post to explain what the squirrels' mission on earth is all about.  Mr.Nut tells me that all squirrels are connected by the great squirrel morphogenic field and they communicate telepathically to each other to get things done.  They may perform various tasks in peoples' lives, but their main objective is to open hearts.

Most often a little squirrel will show up in the life of someone who has just lost a loved one, possibly a spouse or a child.  A squirrel's timing is impeccable in these matters.  They help the bereaved to not lose hope and to soothe their hearts. These little squirrels help them to smile again. Such is the power of a squirrel's love!

Mr.Nut ~ Fully Enlightened Guru

When orphaned baby squirrels are found, most often they are rescued, rehabbed and released back into the wild.  It is a tough world out there for these little ones and they have to be very careful about predators and cars!  Sometimes it happens that a squirrel is brain damaged or blind or perhaps missing a limb that would preclude it from being able to survive outdoors.  These squirrels are "non-releasables". And finally, every once in a great while you find a squirrel that just doesn't want to live outside! They may scratch through a window screen or just refuse to go anywhere! But no matter the situation, one thing is certain:  that little squirrel is in their human's life for one reason!  To love and be loved! 

Now... take Twiggy the water-skiing squirrel!  Twiggy has been delighting crowds of people for many years!  She performs mainly at boat shows and hunting venues.  And what a great opportunity to make a heart connection to the children!  Once the children fall in love with Twiggy, do you think they would let their dads go squirrel hunting? .... not a chance!!!  

But most people don't realize that Twiggy helped her caregiver overcome her grief when her husband died in a drowning accident! Twiggy's relationship to Lou Ann is a true friend and ally!  Watch this amazing video and witness love in action!  What a beautiful teacher! And what a great way to raise the consciousness of humans to cherish our beloved little squirrels!  


Whether a baby squirrel makes it into the limelight or not, the main thing is that these precious angels pop in when needed! They are teachers of wisdom, and ambassadors of peace and love!   Next time you see a squirrel, please remember to thank him for all the wonderful things he does for humanity!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Squirrel of my Heart

Miss Nubbins resting during the release process

Did I tell you that I love Miss Nubbins?
She is the squirrel of my heart.

Miss Nubbins came to me late last summer
 and I knew she was coming...
The day before, I heard a name in my head. "Nubbins" the voice said.  And I knew that was the perfect name for a squirrel.  And then I thought.... oh no... I can't take in another squirrel right now... I've already got my hands full.

The next day, a fellow in south Austin phoned me up and said he found a baby squirrel lying on his driveway.
He brought her over and I sighed... Ah! Miss Nubbins!

Baby Nubbins

She was a sweet angel from the very beginning.
Somehow the squirrel gods just know what you need.
She was always a wild one...
very independent and fearless.
Her heart would race sometimes and she seemed extra hyper.  She would run off and bump into walls.  I wasn't sure if she had a brain injury or not.  Time would tell.

Little Nubbins

Then when she was a little older, she started losing hair on her tail.  Oh no!  I wondered if she had a nervous condition or an adrenal problem.  Then one day, a friend of mine told me how her cat used to pull out her own hair.  So I began to pay closer attention to my little girl.
OMG...  one day I caught her pulling out her tail hair!
So I began to apply lavender oil once a day. The scent of the oil did two things. It kept her from putting her tail in her mouth, and the lavender also relaxed her.

Look mom... no tail hair! 

Then little by little her hair grew back. She enjoyed being out of the cage and running on me, her personal tree, once a day so I could apply the oil.  She just loved to run all over me... and I loved it too!
And her tail got very bushy and beautiful! 
Beautiful Tail!

Even though she didn't need the lavender oil, I let her have her daily run on her "mama tree".  She would run on me as I made the bed each morning and she became my little helper! 

Sweet little girl

Then after Queen Earl crossed over in January,  
I was able to give Miss Nubbins what she really needed.. more space!  I increased the height of her cage by three!  Now she could really run up and down and all around!  
And she would rarely lay still!  She had more energy than all my other squirrels put together!

As the winter drew to a close and Miss Nubbins grew older and longer, I knew it would soon be time for her release.
Yes, it is an awesome thing to release these little squirrels so they can have a normal squirrel life, 
but it is so difficult to say goodbye to a squirrel child one has nurtured and loved from infancy. 
It is not easy to be a human squirrel mother.  We are at a disadvantage, not knowing how to climb trees and build nests.  And when they move out, we really never know where they build their new homes.

Outside on the porch

So when the time came, I wheeled Miss Nubbins' cage outside and placed it right next to Mr.Nut's cage.  After about a week of letting her get used to the outdoor sounds, I opened the door on her cage.
To my utter surprise and delight, 
Miss Nubbins stayed close to me and Mr.Nut for the whole first month she was "free"!
She would run on the roof, but always come running back home. She liked to run in the grass and bury nuts. She loved to jump on me and even liked to hitch a ride inside the house.  She continued to help me make my bed each morning!  I felt so blessed to be her mom!

Then one day she made that leap off the roof into the neighbor's tree. I knew that would be the start of her real independence: I was happy for her and somewhat teary-eyed that my girl was indeed growing up!

Miss Nubbins enjoying her squirrel life

I was so grateful that she took it slow and that we got to spend so much time together!  I truly feel her love and appreciation.  And I know that she knows she can always come to me if she needs help.

Nowadays, Miss Nubbins drops by unexpectedly... sometimes in the morning and sometimes at sunset.
But no matter when, she is always welcomed with nuts, fruit and lots of squirrelove! 

What could be better than that?

I love you Miss Nubbins!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Squirrels ARE in charge!

Queen Earl Grey, Guardian of the Sun, passes on Jan.1, 2013

Never underestimate for one minute that we are in good hands and everything is under control!
How can I say that?

Many of you read that my housemate, Earl Grey, was the Grey-Squirrel-in-Charge ever since September of 2005, when she inspired a fellow from New Orleans to escort her to Austin. She had lost her entire family in Hurrincane Katrina and sent out a telepathic call for assistance.  And she KNEW where she had to be... Austin!

Why Austin? It is a place of great evolution... on the cutting edge of equality for all... which matches the mission of the squirrels: to raise consciousness! Austin is directly west of the Great Pyramid of Giza and directly north of the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihaucan. That makes it a vortex of amazing energy and change... no wonder everyone is moving here!
According to the Mayan creation story, it was a grey squirrel that escorted the Sun on its very first journey across the sky and built and altar to it in the West. The jaguars and wolves were jealous of the squirrel's relationship with the Great Light and killed the squirrel! And to this day, the Huichol Indians honor the grey squirrel as their hero god!

Austin is primarily graced with lovely squirrels... of the fox squirrel variety and doesn't have any grey squirrels. Because of the Shift that is happening now, it is so important to have a grey squirrel to oversee the evolution of consciousness in this auspicious location! Queen Earl's mission was to wake up the populace for the end of the Great Mayan Cycle~ December 21st, 2012. Earl knew her contract was complete and flew back to the Sun on January 1st of the new year! So who would take her place? A grey squirrel of great consciousness was needed! And a true squirrel avatar to assist with the continued awakening in Austin?

To my utter astonishment and great joy, I found out via Facebook, that a brilliant grey squirrel had, in fact, taken up residence here, synchronistically and in the perfect timing of things that squirrels are famous for! Drumroll please........!!!! 
Lady Winkelhimer Smith, the famous squirrel artist!
Squirrel Artist Extraordinaire ~ Miss Winkelhimer Smith

Many of you know her as the "squirrel who paints"! But how did she get her squirrel momma, Shyla, to move her from Jennings, Louisianna to Austin, Texas?

There is no doubt in my mind that Queen Earl Grey and Lady Winkelhimer had many a long telepathic squirrel conversation arranging the whole move! After all, that is what grey squirrels do... they guard the consciousness!

Shyla told me that after a tornado hit her house in Jennings, she moved into a rent house. The landlord at the new place was not animal friendly! Finally Winkelhimer had had enough and secretly communicated to Shyla's sweetie in Austin to come get them! Winkel knew that Earl would be flying back to the Sun on January 1, and urged him to drive down to Jennings at the end of December. He willingly obliged and escorted them to Austin.  And so, Lady Smith took up residence on January 2nd! (In Mayan Astrology, that day was a Blue Spectral Storm, representing change and liberation!) 
That's incredible Squirrel Efficiency! Queen Earl Grey stepped down on January 1st and Lady Winkelminer took her position here the very next day! WOW! 

Never underestimate the power of SQUIRRELOVE....
and Squirrel Genius!
Watch a master at work: 

Please visit Winkel's Facebook page 
and welcome her to Austin! 


Monday, March 11, 2013

A Squirrel's Simple Way

Morning chat with Mr.Nut

This morning, my little friend Mr.Nut asked me to jot down the words of this song so everyone could sing along. Then Mr.Nut said, "Why don't you ask Den Lilla Ekorren to play his great music for your song?"  So something even more awesome happened! The Swedish squirrel mystic and musician made a sweet video of our Austin squirrels for us to enjoy!  Many thanks to his great squirrel generosity!  Please visit and 'LIKE' his Facebook page

The baby squirrels are running everywhere
They're climbing trees and flying through the air
They're full of joy and glee,
As you can plainly see,
And anyone in their right mind would love to be this free!

And so one day the squirrels came out to play
I jumped and wrestled with them the whole day
We played and ran around
And put nuts in the ground
I learned to live each moment in a squirrel's simple way.

And just because a squirrel's brain is small
That doesn't mean a gosh darn thing at all
They always seem to find
The nuts they leave behind
And not even a scientist could fault a squirrel's recall.

And so on squirrels' behalf I rest my case
They're far more clever than the human race
They balance work and play
And take naps in the day
And never once ring up a debt that they cannot repay.

And so we should respect our little friends
They teach us to be hopeful to the end
They're gentle and they're kind
And you will even find
Whatever love you give to them will bless you in the end.

Thank you for loving the little squirrels!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Great Gentle Hearted One

On Wednesday Feb.27th, which was a Blue Lunar Eagle in the Mayan Caledar,  my little princess, Toofie, flew away with her dear friend, Earl Grey.  Princess Toofie had been missing her girlfriend a lot more than I had imagined.

Toofie had lost interest in eating and withdrew into herself more and more since Earl's departure.  I spent all of Tuesday with Toofie, petting her, massaging her, giving her nutrients and liquids, but she seemed to be gradually leaving this reality.  That night she curled up in her nest for the last time.  Suddenly in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, I was awakened from sleep by the sound of a vary pronounced 'gasp'!  Although I wear ear plugs when I sleep, and Toofie's bed is on the other side of the house from my bedroom,  I know that I heard her take her last breath.
When I went to check on her, Toofie was stretched out in the far corner of her cage, closest to where Earl would have been.  Toofie was reaching out with her right paw.  It was obvious that she had seen her friend beckoning her from the other side and willingly took Earl's paw. I'm so grateful Earl was there to help her cross over.  

Back in the fall of 2008, when Toofie came to live with me, Earl Grey was already living here, a refugee from Hurricane Katrina.  Toofie and Earl had hung out for the rest of their days together. They spent every afternoon together, telepathically confiding squirrel secrets to each other. 

Toofie was very different from the other squirrels in that
 she didn't just love me, she loved everybody!  Perfect strangers could come in and pet her and would be transformed by the experience.  Toofie did so much to open people's hearts to squirrel love!

Here is my farewell tribute to my precious angel~

More than anything else, Toofie was known for her gentleness.  She loved to be petted and caressed and would close her eyes with pleasure as I massaged her and kissed her.  She was so tender and affectionate.  And so she was the perfect squirrel for my Reiki ad:

You can read about Toofie's healing story in this previous post: Toofie the Wonder Squirrel 

Wouldn't it be lovely if we could all show such unconditional love to everyone? Thank you Toofie for showing us how!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Farewell to a Mayan Squirrel Queen

Farewell, sweet Queen!

I am amazed at all of the synchronicities regarding the life of one extraordinary and precious grey squirrel from New Orleans!  As a tiny baby squirrel, rescued from Hurricane Katrina and brought to Austin by a compassionate animal lover, Earl Grey came to live at 2012 Gathright Cove. What a privilege to care for the original grey squirrel that escorted the Sun on it's very first journey across the sky (according to Mayan legend!) It was Earl's amazing squirrel telepathy that drew in her rescuer and her intense love directed him to drive her all the way up to Austin so she could live at 2012, the year engraved in her DNA.  Squirrels are known as "gatherers", so how perfect is Earl's address!  Gathright is an old English word that means "to gather rightly". 

Queen Earl was born for this mission... she knew the incredible opportunity for Awakening the humans... and participated in this with her whole being!  At the beginning of 2012 she announced her mission (see post: Mayan Squirrel Prophecy) and saw it through the very last day of 2012. 

Then on January 1, 2013, this sweet Mayan squirrel took her last breath and headed back to the Sun. She died on a White Planetary Mirror day, kin 218. In Mayan astrology, this kin is my perfect ally, as I am a Blue Planetary Monkey.  White Mirror is also the glyph of the date of death for the Mayan prophet King Pakal. It is no coincidence that on the day after her transition, our Sun was the closest it ever gets to the earth! Jan. 2 marks the time when the Earth is at perihelion, that is the point in its orbit when it is closest to the Sun! (see news article)

In the photo above, I am wearing a special chalcedony ring. On this particular stone, there is a tiny picture of a squirrel under the sun... it was my favorite ring, gifted to me when I performed a Mayan wedding ceremony in New Mexico some years ago. Just before Thanksgiving, my home was broken into and most of my jewelry stolen, including this ring.  That ring had always symbolized to me the Mayan legend and when it disappeared, so did Earl. From the afternoon of the burglary, Earl went into hiding and didn't come out of her nest for about three days.  And this began her journey back to the Sun.  

Perhaps all these synchronicities are like threads of a Mayan tapestry...  weaving a sacred altar cloth depicting the beauty of Great Mystery. In so doing, we are able to admire the intricacies of the Cosmic plan!

I am grateful to have known such a regal grey squirrel and honor her whenever I greet the Sun in the sky above!