Friday, December 18, 2009

Toofie the Wonder Squirrel

This beautiful squirrel is sitting on top of her squirrel condominium. Her message is God Loves Everyone...No Exceptions!

I was walking on the trail about a year ago and found this little girl lying face down in the dirt. Her nose was bleeding and she wasn't moving. I said, little girl, I'm taking you home with me. I wasn't sure how she got injured, but she had trouble breathing through her nose. The only thing I could feed her was some peeled grapes and some warm milk. I gave her Reiki treatments a couple times each day. In about 6 weeks her face was healed and she was able to breathe and eat normally. But I hesitated in releasing her because she had no sense of balance. I had some large branches in her cage and she was so wobbly that she easily fell off of them. I then realized that's probably how she ended up injured on the ground in the first place.
In time, Toofie became everybody's favorite since she was the only adult squirrel that would let anyone and everyone pet her. She seemed to really love squirrel massages. Sometimes a friend would stop by and I'd let them pet Toofie and tears would come. "I've never pet a squirrel before!" they'd say. Toofie's pure innocence and amazing trust is an amazing thing to witness!

She taught me that even the circumstances that seem hard really are just a doorway into Better Things To Come!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Don't You Just Love Squirrel Baby Pictures!

Here are some pictures of Bucky up above and
on the left. And there's little Pete on the right.
They are happy playing together, eating together and just being brothers.

If you ever get to raise an orphan squirrel
from a baby to a fine young squirrel, you
will experience one of the greatest thrills
of your entire life! To perform this task is
indeed one of the GREATEST GIFTS and
is in fact an AWESOME PRIVILEGE!

There is nothing so precious as the TRUST of a baby squirrel!!!

Squirrelady Loving Little Pete

Little Bucky is a Big Boy Now

Bucky and Pete Are Squirrel Brothers

Pete and Bucky in their nest on Thanksgiving Morning!

This is Bucky only 2 weeks old.
The True Story of Bucky and Pete

The Squirrelady picked him up, covered him with tiny kisses from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail. She said "Little buddy, I will call you "Bucky". Let's go home and give you some sweet warm milk." From that day on, which was in the beginning of August 09, little Bucky grew and grew and became an amazing furry squirrel!

After 6 weeks went buy, a little boy was playing in the park and found a baby squirrel laying on the ground. He brought the squirrel to his grandma and asked, " Grandma, is this little squirrel ok? He's not moving. Can we bring him home? They called the Squirrelady and she went right over to check out the little squirrel. She said, "This little buddy hasn't eaten in about 4 days. He is partly here and partly in the other world. I will bring him home and have a talk with him. I will call him Pete."

So little Pete went home with the Squirrelady and she tried to feed him. He was not real interested in eating so she held him close and gave him Reiki. She sat with him and listened and finally said to him, "Pete, my little friend, if you want to return to the One Squirrel Heart, I will let you go, but I want you to know that if you stay, you will have a little brother named Bucky. And you and Bucky can grow up together and be friends forever."

Then a miracle happened. Within 36 hours, little Pete decided to stay! The next time the Squirrelady gave him milk he slurped it down with glee! From that day on, little Pete ate and grew and ate and grew some more. After he caught up in size to Bucky, the Squirrelady put them in the same nest! You can see them on You Tube if you click below:

This is little Pete having lunch!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Beautiful Nutkin

Nutkin relaxing in his cozy nest with his grey squirrel toy

Beautiful Nutkin, you speak to me;
You are a buddha that lives in a tree.
You give me wisdom, you give me love;
You're a squirrel angel that came from above.

Beautiful Nutkin, beautiful squirrel;
Are you a dream... or a part of my world?
Whenever I feed you, I feel such bliss!
How grateful I am to experience this.

Beautiful Nutkin, you are the one;
An ancient Mayan that came from the Sun!
Beautiful Nutkin, I love you, it's true;
Thank you for letting me nurture you.

I will protect you, my little friend;
May our communion never end!
Beautiful Nutkin, you show me the way
To be one with Nature and live it each day.

Beautiful Nutkin, squirrel of my dreams;
Remind me that nothing is what it seems.
You came here to teach us that Love is the Way,
By letting us feed you pecans every day!

I found Mr.Nutkin back at the end of September in '07. The little guy was trying to climb a tree and his back legs weren't working. He was really skinny and seemed to have the shakes. So I brought him home and tried to make him Comfortable. I gave him lots of love, good food, and Reiki energy healing. He lived with me for about another year and then he returned to the One Squirrel Heart. I wrote the above song for him. The melody is the same as for "Beautiful Dreamer".

When I found Nutkin, he was injured and starving.

Merry Christmas Nutkin! '07

Nutkin in Feb.'08

If you would like to see the actual Nutkin at home, please click on this link: 

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This blog is dedicated to the little squirrels of the earth and the entire cosmos. The mission of this blog is to remind us earthlings that all is well on planet earth because we are all in the loving hands of the One Heart. If you don't believe it, just go to a park and watch the little squirrels. Do you see how carefree they are? They never worry about where their next nut is coming from. I believe that all the little squirrels are messengers of peace. I believe they come from the Galactic Federation and are working very hard to spread unconditional love and causeless joy. Just bring a pecan next time you go to the Hike and Bike trail and give it to a squirrel. You will be amazed at how much gratitude you will feel when he takes the nut with his little paws. He may even put his little paw on your finger... that's his way of saying "I love you".

The most amazing thing is that people don't ever suspect how much love a little squirrel gives to the earth every day! They place their nuts in the ground for al their fellow squirrels and work tirelessly for their family. They nurture their young and teach them to be self-sufficient little members of their squirrel neighborhood. To the squirrels, there is no difference between work and play!