Sunday, July 19, 2015

S.A.N.G.A. = Squirrel Ambassadors Networking for Global Awakening

Squirrel Ambassador en route to Planet Earth

Have you noticed lately that squirrel consiousness is on the rise?  Starting to see more signs of squirrels in the news, in YouTube videos and on t-shirts?  Our squirrel relations are showing up everywhere: from food products to jewelry to auto decals.  What's going on?

Muffin examining a box of squirrel cookies.
Well, it's simple, really.  The Mayan creation story tells us that the squirrel was the animal that led the Sun on its first journey across the sky at the beginning of time. The squirrel is the designated guardian of the Sun.  When the Europeans came over and accused the Mayans of being pagans because they "worshipped" the Sun,  they completely misunderstood what was going on.

In the indigenous cultures, the Sun represents enlightenment. It symbolizes Christ Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, etc.  In the Mayan calendar, the last of 20 day-signs and the last kin of the 260 day cycle (the Tzolkin),   is "Yellow Cosmic Sun".  This icon represents awakening;  the transcendence of duality.   In Mayan carvings and art you will find squirrels pictured around the thrones of rulers and you will see the symbol of the Sun emblazoned on the squirrel's face. 

See green circle: Squirrel with Sun Emblem

So today, more than ever on planet Earth, squirrel wisdom is sorely needed to reinstate balance and harmony.  
This is why so many people are now having the opportunity to actually get to know squirrels at a personal level.  Baby squirrels are falling out of trees, getting rescued by people and making real heart-to-heart connections.  People who would probably never meet are being connected via their love for the squirrels. 
Commander Nut's new website 
Commander Nut has taken it upon himself to help with the awakening of humanity.  He offers squirrel blessings, wisdom videos and is happy to answer any questions you may have.
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Take heart dear ones:  Squirrelove Rules!