Monday, December 22, 2014

Everything is Squirrelove

Muffin in the Morning.

Today Muffin told me that nothing is more important than playing with your squirrel first thing in the morning.
He explained that this 'human-squirrel bonding' is paramount in seeding the planet with lovingkindness to insure a beneficial future for squirrelkind!

Every act of kindness and love toward the little squirrels seeds the morphogenic field of humanity and quietly and invisibly increases compassionate awareness!  Sadly, there are still pockets of extreme darkness on earth where little squirrels are being hunted, shot, and abused due to some human's ignorance.  Therefore let all the squirrel lovers on this earth UNITE to pour forth the incredible and potent Squirrelove that is sure to effect positive global change!

Here is a video of the proper treatment of a loving squirrel in the morning....

I am currently reading a fabulous nondual book by David Carse called "Perfect Brilliant Stillness".  I want to share a quote from this book which proves the truth... that squirrels are in fact none other than PURE LOVE:

"And yet.  Yet if only once, only for a moment, there could be letting go, if there could be that pop of the shift in focus and the individual self seen beyond, seen for what it is, "an echo, a rainbow, a phantom, and a dream," then there is something.  Then the individual self is gone, and needs no comforting.  The individual self was simply a thought, an idea; a 'false 
imagination' that cried out for comforting.  When the true nature of things is seen, apperceived, then there comes something far beyond comfort, though there is nothing any longer that needs it.

It is seen that what one is is All That Is, and That is the constant outpouring of Love beyond love, Beauty beyond beauty, compassion bliss gratitude glory wonder perfection; streaming, outpouring, beyond comprehension.

All that is, is described as Sat Chit Ananda. Not a being, but Being itself; existence  itself, not a thing existing. this is pure Awareness, pure Consciousness.  Be-ing which is Conscious-ness is absolute, perfect, knows no bounds, and spills out in itself, unconfined; is always everything everywhere.  

This spilling out, this outpouring of Be-ing, Consciousness as itself is all of this. All of this universe, planet, worlds of senses and ideas, worlds of things and non-things, these bodies, these minds, these trees roads houses squirrels insects telephones."

Muffinheart, my teacher.