Monday, September 3, 2012

The Great Squirrel Art Masterpieces

The Original Mona Lisa

 Many people do not realize that many of the world's greatest works of art have featured little squirrels. When these masterpieces were first created, the consciousness of that particular decade could not support the idea that a squirrel was in the picture and so these works were altered to please the powers that be.  Now, finally, in 2012, this year of awakening to truth,  the original pieces are being found and shared!  
Botticelli's Venus
The little squirrels have lived in all times and have been the true inspiration for most of the great artists.... Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Michelangelo, and others!  Never underestimate the potency of a squirrel muse! They hold the wisdom of the Cosmos and love to share it with the open-hearted ones!

Michelangelo:  The Creation of Squirrel Wisdom

Today, new forms of art are emerging... 
like the piece below called "Red and White":

Exhibit at Museum of Modern Art in Kitaurawa

You never know where squirrels will pop up next...
sometimes in the least likely place!
Who would have thought that the famous Russian mystic and artist, Nicolas Roerich, was in fact  inspired by a squirrel muse!
Roerich's Madonna Oriflamma

"Where there is peace, there are squirrels 
Where there are squirrels, there is peace"
                                                                  ~Nicholas Roerich, 1874-1947


  1. It is probably difficult to paint squirrels because they move so fast. one second they're on a tree branch the next second nothing.....just nothing, gone, poof, never to be seen again


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