Friday, November 17, 2017

Chippy Nut

Chippy Nut

Well, it's been a year since I made a post.  Since my favorite muse, Commander Nut passed away in early 2016, the flow of writing has practically slowed to a halt.  Mr.Nut was always talking to me and giving me great insights and topics to write about. Everything was so easy with him by my side.  I sure do miss that buddha. 

But here's what's happening now...  one way to describe it is that Mr.Nut is back again, but that's not entirely accurate.  Let's just say "his energy" is back again.

  Last April, I created a beautiful postage stamp of Mr.Nut because I knew he could help get the mail delivered much faster, being that he's traveling around in a spaceship.  Well, just a couple days later, a mail carrier found an orphaned baby squirrel and brought her to me.  Wow... that was the first time I got a squirrel by mail!  You can read the story HERE.   At the time, I had a feeling that Mr.Nut had sent her to me...  time would tell.

The little baby squirrel grew into a beautiful young lady-squirrel.  The interesting thing is that she acts a lot like Mr.Nut, and more so each day.

And then, just in the last few days, she has been talking up a storm.  She is here to carry on the mission of the good Admiral.  She is a messenger of love and hope for the planet.
She said that she prefers to be called "Chippy Nut" as she is part of him.  You see, Admiral Nut needed a counterpart here on earth so that he could continue his work here. 

So this morning, Chippy Nut told me that it is important to continue to spread "Squirrelove".  And no matter how terrible things can seem "out there",  it is absolutely paramount to remain "inside" in the heart-wisdom.  She says it is easy to react negatively to negative events. But she urges us to be vigilant... to stay focused on kindness and compassion.

She also told me that Admiral Nut's friend, Dr.Stephen Greer of CSETI, has written a new book called "Unacknowledged".   It is the real scoop about the extra-terrestrial life that our galactic squirrel family has known about all along. And they are here to help us protect and heal our dear Mother Earth.  She urges us not to be "fooled" by the many gloom and doom movies that portray the ET's and UFO's as enemy, for they are our allies and helpers.  Like the squirrels, they have gotten a "bad rap".   But as squirrel-consciousness has increased dramatically...   the earth is now ready to see the Truth of our Galactic Family (of which squirrels are a majority.)  Be open to their message!

Chippy Nut

LOVE LOVE LOVE .... is what's REAL.

Buddha Nut

BE the LOVE that you ARE!

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