Friday, November 17, 2017

Squirrels Are In Charge

Yes, the earth is in trouble.... and many people have given up hope.  But the squirrels are here to say: "Don't despair!"

They've got our backs.

Pop media might not have the full story, but they do acknowledge squirrel-intelligence.

Watch this...

And we've known this all along, however unbelievable it seemed.   Commander Nut was here to comfort us and now, as Admiral Nut, flying around the ethers, is keeping every little thing balanced.   Just because things looks bleak, please don't despair.    It's not over until the fat squirrel sings.

And as the good Commander told us just before he died,
"I will be with you always, and I will send helpers to get you through the tough times ahead."   

And so it is.

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