Thursday, July 12, 2012

Juicy Squirrel Happiness

Juicy, juicy, juicy...
Juicy little squirrels!
Raining juicy happiness on a thirsty world!

Raindrops by Janet Boyd
Mr.Nut, Bucky, and Sweet Pea added by the Squirrelady
I can't imagine anything better than juicy squirrel happiness! This is actually what's happening on the planet every day! Little baby squirrels are "raining" their sweet joy on everyone they meet! Have you noticed how many squirrel lovers FB groups there are? Have you noticed how many people post YouTube videos of the squirrels they love? The numbers are growing! The squirrels' mission of world peace is a real possibility now that so many peoples' hearts are being opened by squirrelove! 

Just feel the love as you watch Nigel, 
the pet squirrel! Nothing's better than 
being blessed to live with a squirrel!  


  1. This is all so beautiful and what a wonderful video!! How I wish I could touch the adorable squirrels which come to my garden and sometimes take nuts from my fingers. Alas, I think it will always be a fantasy.

    1. You never know, Jane! Keep seeing yourself holding one!


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