Thursday, July 26, 2012

Buddhas at the Gas Pump

Buddha at the Gas Pump

You've probably heard the phrase "buddha at the gas pump"; which is simply a reference to the fact that even after people 'awaken' to their true essence (a.k.a. become enlightened) they still have to do the ordinary everyday things like "chop wood, carry water" and pump gas!

I just found a brilliant video of Gangaji, one of those awakened beings, and she was being interviewed on this very topic. Being intimately familiar with a squirrels' exceptional telepathy, I began to wonder if these little buddhas were making any appearances at gas pumps these days! WOW! Here's what I found.
It turns out that in Bakersfield, 
California, a large community of ground squirrels have taken up residency at a Chevron station. According to reports, over thirty ground squirrels have made the gas station their home! They can be seen scurrying around on the gas pumps, scampering across the parking lot and peeping down at patrons from the canopy! Typically, squirrels will relocate to the wild... to relocate to a gas station is considered pretty unusual.
OR is it?
These squirrels have become a somewhat of a local attraction and people are coming from neighboring towns just to see the squirrels! And much to the chagrin of some wildlife "officials", people have begun to feed them...
Watch the local newscast about this amazing phenomenon!

I would propose a different view of what is going on in Bakersfield!  The bodhi-squirrels know that it's time to go into the communities and reach the people and open their hearts! They are giving "ground-squirrel-shaktipat"!
They are bringing playfulness and magic back into those everyday chores... such as fueling your car!
Nothing to do but love them!

Chop wood, carry water, pump your gas, love the squirrels!

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