Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Squirreldom is the next dimension!

Are you ready for peace? Well, our galactic travelers are inundating the earth with the highest squirrel frequencies of goodwill for all beings! Have you noticed the expansion of consciousness? It's here! You can stop searching! Relax and let the awakening happen! Notice how the little squirrels are totally in the present? Just do what they do! There is only peace in the moment! If you are feeling the rush of the holiday crazies, just STOP. Now take a squirrel moment and rest. Put your point of view on the shelf for a moment. Are you OK? Well, guess what? You are always this!

It's not like they have a new message. It's more like we earthlings have not been listening... not until we suffered enough and finally realized that war is not the answer! Squirrels have been teaching peace since the very beginning! The Mayan creation story tells us that it was a squirrel that escorted the Sun across the sky on its first journey! The squirrel is a long time companion of the Sun... and a bringer of Light! Squirrels hold the secret knowledge and are willing to share it with you! This Christmas discover the squirrels'message for 2012! Check out their brand new eBook on Amazon Kindle! Available now!

This story is dedicated to
all the little squirrels
on this planet
and indeed in the entire cosmos!
May their mission of
Peace for Everyone
be realized by Dec. 21st, 2012


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    1. I apologize for just finding this post now.... perhaps you can put some pecans and sunflower seeds out for them.. they could just be squabbling over not enough to eat. When they have their basic needs met, they are very loving.... just like people.


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