Sunday, November 27, 2011

Squirrels and Nonduality

Finally! The time is upon us when human beings all over the globe are simultaneously waking up to the profound truths that the squirrels have known for thousands of years!!! It truly is an exciting time to be on the planet!

I am only writing the words I am receiving via the direct transmission of knowledge from my dear friend and housemate, Sri Buckyji a.k.a. Bucky Squirrel.

Little by little the truth is being gradually accepted and realized: that the basic space of "Squirreluminosity" is totally pure and includes us all! And we are that! There is no separation! This loving essence of juicy squirrel happiness pervades the entire cosmos. It is, in fact, the very space in which all the phenomena in the entire universe appear and disappear! There is nothing that is not completely saturated with squirrelove!

But don't believe me! Prove it to yourself! The easiest way to really understand this transmission is to go to your neighborhood park and bring some pecans with you. Wait until you see a little squirrel and slowly and quietly walk up to this amazing boddhisatva. In your heart, feel the love and deep respect you have for this creature and for all life. Don't rush... allow yourself the time to experience this loving connection. You will become aware of a sweet warmth that begins to radiate from your heart. Then, with your awareness on your heart, call to the little squirrel lovingly. Tell him you love him and have a nut for him. Soon the little squirrel will come down from the tree and walk over to you. Hold the pecan close to the ground so that s/he can easily reach the nut. Don't be surprised if he puts his little paw momentarily on your hand.

Gaze into his obsidian eyes and receive the gift of squirrelwisdom he shares so generously! Feel the rush of gratitude that washes over you! That spaciousness and presence of love is what the little squirrels have been trying so hard to communicate for thousands of years! And now, right on cue, just about one year away from that magic date, Dec.21st,2012, the quickening is upon us! The squirrels' message is finally being heard! "You are this squirreluminosity! You are this love! You are what you have been searching for all along!"


  1. I love this and Squirrels !!!! Even my cats Mystery and Bogeysattvah love this. Am passing it along! Dawn


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