Saturday, December 5, 2009

Beautiful Nutkin

Nutkin relaxing in his cozy nest with his grey squirrel toy

Beautiful Nutkin, you speak to me;
You are a buddha that lives in a tree.
You give me wisdom, you give me love;
You're a squirrel angel that came from above.

Beautiful Nutkin, beautiful squirrel;
Are you a dream... or a part of my world?
Whenever I feed you, I feel such bliss!
How grateful I am to experience this.

Beautiful Nutkin, you are the one;
An ancient Mayan that came from the Sun!
Beautiful Nutkin, I love you, it's true;
Thank you for letting me nurture you.

I will protect you, my little friend;
May our communion never end!
Beautiful Nutkin, you show me the way
To be one with Nature and live it each day.

Beautiful Nutkin, squirrel of my dreams;
Remind me that nothing is what it seems.
You came here to teach us that Love is the Way,
By letting us feed you pecans every day!

I found Mr.Nutkin back at the end of September in '07. The little guy was trying to climb a tree and his back legs weren't working. He was really skinny and seemed to have the shakes. So I brought him home and tried to make him Comfortable. I gave him lots of love, good food, and Reiki energy healing. He lived with me for about another year and then he returned to the One Squirrel Heart. I wrote the above song for him. The melody is the same as for "Beautiful Dreamer".

When I found Nutkin, he was injured and starving.

Merry Christmas Nutkin! '07

Nutkin in Feb.'08

If you would like to see the actual Nutkin at home, please click on this link: 

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