Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Your Squirrel IS the path to Enlightenment!

Sweet Mr.Nut beaming LOVE

This morning I was having coffee with my little buddy Muffinheart and suddenly a message came in loud and clear.   "Your squirrel IS your path to enlightenment." WOW!
What does this mean?

Enlightenment is, simply put, the realization that everything is perfect just as it is.  Mr.Nut spent a lot of time teaching this wisdom.  He was the perfect example of pure Peace and Love.  No matter what was happening around him, Mr.Nut always demonstrated pure equanimity.

 Here are some of the many ways a squirrel makes the perfect teacher of enlightenment:

1.  Like Ramana Maharshi, they practice Silence.
2.  They accept what is.
3.  They always live in the "now".
4.  They love you unconditionally.
5.  They are always at Peace.
6.  They recognize the God in you, even when you don't!

And little by little, as we live with our little squirrel buddies, they teach us their calm and meditative lifestyles.  You can just observe them in everyday life because they teach by example!

Mr.Nut at an early age, teaching LOVE.

To learn more about enlightenment, you might want to go to squirrel satsang.  Just visit: and immerse yourself in the ultimate Truth!
There is nothing more satisfying than the realization of Truth!


  1. My squirrel, Sweets, taught me to laugh everyday, no matter what. He lives in the trees out back now,and i see him, often eating a nut i have put out, just sitting on the fence looking at me, as if to say, thank you for caring for me...i am still here for you too.


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