Thursday, January 30, 2014

Squirrels Teach Non-Attachment

     Looks like Mr.Nut found my green marker.

I've been cleaning my treatment room where I do Reiki sessions and I found so many pecans hidden there;  behind books, in the corners, under the table, and even inside the crystal geodes.
There are also chew marks on furniture, drapery hooks on the floor, and little squirrel poopies in the carpet.
Most people would be disgusted and upset if they found their room like this.  But I have found that if you have a squirrel in 
your life, you are destined to learn non-attachment.

Muffin is stashing nuts again.

Squirrels know that everything is passing… they don't worry about the weather OR how much food they have stores OR whether the neighbor's cat is going to lunge at them.  They just keep moving in peace and equanimity. They truly are enlightened beings.  They are not doing anything to "get to you"!  They are simply being their natural selves!

I used to be so picky about my material possessions… now after 11 years of living with squirrels…  all that has changed. I found out that all the "stuff" just doesn't matter because it's just "stuff".  The squirrels have taught me that only LOVE is real.

A trail buddy demonstrating how to let go.

I am so grateful for these little buddhas who have chosen me as their student.  I bow down to the ONE LOVE that lives in every one of us!  

Muffin occasionally astral travels to Japan.


  1. How precious......I think U are an awesome human being for caring for these special teachers....I love squirrels well as cats, dogs, and probably the entire planet of animals.....Thanks, for sharing this....

  2. I too enjoy a life of non attachment thanks to the three little squirrels who have lived with me over the past 15 years. It fills me with joy to find a hidden treasure in the form of a nut, or notice a new set of teeth marks on some of my "stuff", or pick up little poops from one of their explorations into the bedroom or bathroom or kitchen. It's all good <3

  3. Me too! For me it was Prairie Dogs, but close enough! I ended up giving away most of what they didn't destroy, and I am only happier for it... it's also so much less tempting to get new useless crap that I don't need, knowing it will just be chewed up. It's very liberating to not just not have all that junk, but to genuinely not even want it!

  4. I love finding a little but in my shoe after a day of Tinkerbelle playing in my room. She finds the most unique places to stash her goodies....iincluding Moms hair if I have it in a bun on the top of my head! I love my little snuggles!!


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