Monday, March 11, 2013

A Squirrel's Simple Way

Morning chat with Mr.Nut

This morning, my little friend Mr.Nut asked me to jot down the words of this song so everyone could sing along. Then Mr.Nut said, "Why don't you ask Den Lilla Ekorren to play his great music for your song?"  So something even more awesome happened! The Swedish squirrel mystic and musician made a sweet video of our Austin squirrels for us to enjoy!  Many thanks to his great squirrel generosity!  Please visit and 'LIKE' his Facebook page

The baby squirrels are running everywhere
They're climbing trees and flying through the air
They're full of joy and glee,
As you can plainly see,
And anyone in their right mind would love to be this free!

And so one day the squirrels came out to play
I jumped and wrestled with them the whole day
We played and ran around
And put nuts in the ground
I learned to live each moment in a squirrel's simple way.

And just because a squirrel's brain is small
That doesn't mean a gosh darn thing at all
They always seem to find
The nuts they leave behind
And not even a scientist could fault a squirrel's recall.

And so on squirrels' behalf I rest my case
They're far more clever than the human race
They balance work and play
And take naps in the day
And never once ring up a debt that they cannot repay.

And so we should respect our little friends
They teach us to be hopeful to the end
They're gentle and they're kind
And you will even find
Whatever love you give to them will bless you in the end.

Thank you for loving the little squirrels!

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