Sunday, August 21, 2011


What a bright future! I see a little squirrel named Bucky in my crystal ball!
I see pure love... the ephemeral essence of Grace
in the body of a little squirrel!
Little Bucky came to the planet to teach love. At only a few months old, he saved the life of his little brother Pete. Now Pete is well and happy living in the neighborhood. Because Bucky hurt his teeth in the release cage outside, he is not be able to join his brother outside. Bucky lives indoors and gets his teeth trimmed about every 4 to 5 weeks, which allows him to eat normally. Bucky never complains... he has a pleasant temperament no matter what he is going through! What a wonderful teacher he is!

The essence of a squirrel is the most pure form of love
in the Cosmos. It is the epitome of innocence and trust.
If you have ever experienced holding a baby squirrel
just as it is falling asleep,then you understand
what it is to see God!
Watch this video of a sweet little "buddy-sattva":

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