Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Squirrel Moments

Take short squirrel moments many times until they become continuous!

What is a squirrel moment? It is a happening! It is a moment of experiencing pure squirrel spaciousness and can happen in various ways. One way is to gaze into the eyes of a little squirrel and lose all sense of a separate self! Another way is to hand feed a pecan to a squirrel at the park. When the little sweet heart touches your hand with his paw, you feel the awesomeness of squirrelove!

What good is it to get all tangled up in the thoughts that float on by? Become like a squirrel... his mind is free and without concern. One of the simplest ways to get free of the mind is to take a "squirrel moment". Check it out. You can be all freaked out about a mortgage payment, a friend's diagnosis of cancer, or sundry other thoughts, ideas, and emotions. If you keep on focusing on it, you only feel worse and worse. Why not just take a squirrel moment?

Be like a squirrel... stop thinking! Now, who are you without that thought? You are pure squirreluminosity! You are that spaciousness that includes everything! Let the little squirrels show you the way!

Notice that squirrel spaciousness is in no way affected by any of your worries or concerns.

I will give a real life example. Several years ago, I met a little squirrel who had bloody tumors all over her body. It was hard for me to look at her with all the stories going on in my head! I named her "Floppity" because she had a tumor hanging on each ear. Every day I met her at the same tree and gave her pecans and Reiki energy. I would always tell her, "Floppity, you are a perfect squirrel!" Never once did this little squirrel worry about her condition. She just lived happily in the body she was given. She would just show up, eat the nuts I offered, and received the Reiki.

A miracle happened! In 2 months time, all her tumors had dried up and fell off! Then her hair grew in where the tumors had been and she was indeed healed! The important thing to note about squirrels is that they don't sit around and worry or feel sorry for themselves! Floppity would have continued to live a happy life with or without those growths. That's because she lived her life in SQUIRREL SPACIOUSNESS! And that is a comfortable and vibrant space of well being and ease!!

I can't help but think that she healed faster because whe was free of concern for her own healing! She was totally living in squirrel spaciousness and not troubled about her body. That frees up an incredible amount of energy to heal! See below the beautiful photo of Floppity still healthy and vibrant several years after this squirrel miracle!

Try it out! Next time you're weighted down with concerns of any kind, take a "squirrel moment" and BE FREE!

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  1. You are pure squirreluminosity! I am pure squirreluminosity! We all are squirreluminosity! Yes it is true each Squirrel and for that matter all animals are luminous masters among us sharing with every movement and non movement they demonstrate the pure primordial power of Open Intelligence! Oh there is one now outside reminding me I dont have to change fix manipulate freak out about anything anyone or anywhere.
    Thank You Squirrel Lady for sharing Squirrel Love~*


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