Friday, November 19, 2010

Contemplating the Life of a Squirrel Leads to Nirvana

Have you ever just sat and watched a little squirrel for hours? They are the most amazing little beings... and totally enlightened! Time and time again they have shown me that they are completely at one with the Way, the Tao, the Cosmos! For example, when I would see a dog chasing a squirrel, the thought would come: "Poor little squirrel... don't let the dog catch you and hurt you!" After a lot of contemplation and observation, I've come to realize that the dog just wants to play and the squirrel just wants to play and the only one that is stressed out is me. The squirrel simply runs up a tree and starts barking. Sometimes the squirrel will even run to branches just out of reach of the dog and play with the dog. The squirrel is totally fine with whatever happens. Human beings argue with reality... animals don't. I LOVE THAT!

Think about it! We humans have thoughts like:
"Something's missing in my life" or "I need to know what my life purpose is" or "I'm having a bad day" or "I can't do it all by myself"
Do you think a squirrel ever has thoughts like these? Not a chance! They are at peace with whatever life brings and they don't sit on their branches asking questions or trying to figure things out! They just live their lives.
I have spent the last ten years really observing the habits of our fine furry tailed friends. When they bury nuts, they don't necessarily remember where they put them. Humans have projected the belief that a squirrel remembers exactly where he put every nut and most people just assume this is true. But can you actually KNOW it's true? I propose that squirrels just bury nuts for all squirrels and will sniff them out and find them. But they may not be finding the very nut they buried. They really don't have a sense of "ownership". When my two rescue squirrels, Bucky and Pete were little, Bucky would be eating a cashew and Pete would come and take it from him and start eating it. Bucky didn't mind one bit. It was as if Pete didn't even experience Bucky as a separate squirrel! Watch this video and witness Oneness! If only we humans could all get along this well!

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