Thursday, May 13, 2010

First Squirrel Crossing Sign in Austin

History is Made in Austin: First Ever Squirrel Crossing Sign!!!

Thanks to the squirrel conscious folks at Austin Parks and Rec at 200 S.Lamar for looking out for our furry tailed friends! All the little squirrels that like to hang out there at Butler Shores are very grateful... especially the baby squirrels. Bucky (see previous pages) let us know that often the mama squirrels get hit by cars that speed in and out of the Park on Riverside just west of Lamar. This leaves us with orphaned babies that need full time care... Thank you to the good people at Austin Parks and Rec. for caring enough to put up a Squirrel Crossing Sign! Let's hope to see more of these signs throughout Austin! Let's make Austin a "squirrel-friendly" town!

If you're interested in purchasing a squirrel crossing sign, please visit:

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